Under Knee Brace Sleeve

Under Knee Brace Sleeves – Why You Need Them

Do you find knee braces uncomfortable? 

Does your skin become irritated underneath your knee brace?

You may need a under knee brace sleeve.  They can be referred to as simply “undersleeves” or “under knee wraps” or even “under knee socks”.  Irrespective of their name, they all perform the same function.  To act as a barrier between the brace and your skin. 

In this article the Best Knee Braces Team are going to look at the under knee brace sleeve and why they are an important component in your knee health with many benefits.    

What is an Under Knee Brace Sleeve?

An under sleeve is a sleeve that fits under a knee brace.

While you can buy knee braces without sleeves, many people find that an under sleeve can make a brace fit more comfortably and help prevent skin irritation and chafing. An under sleeve also keeps a knee brace clean, which is important, since you will be wearing it for long periods of time.

What are the benefits of under knee brace sleeves? 

under knee brace sleeve

We have already mentioned a few of the benefits of using under sleeves, however for completeness here are why we believe they are an important element in supporting your knee:

  • under sleeves are a great way to simplify knee brace maintenance.  Under sleeves are easier to wash and clean (if and) when they become dirty and smelly.  Because the sleeve acts as a barrier between your skin and the knee brace, it prevents the knee brace from absorbing sweat and smells, therefore your knee brace stays cleaner for longer. 
  • Sleeves are a great way to soften the hard and sharp edges of knee braces.  Let’s face it, knee braces cannot be made to fit a one-size-fits-all.  That would be an awesome development in this space.  So you will have the odd brace that provides fantastic support for your knee – however it has some hard plastic (or metal) edges that dig into your skin.  This is where a knee brace under sleeve comes in.  It softens those edges so you can still receive the much-needed support, without the discomfort.  
  • Helps to keep the knee joint warm – this is good for drawing blood to your knee joint and helping to heal any injuries that resulted from exercise or trauma. 

When should you use an Under Sleeve?

So the big question arises – do you need an under knee brace sleeve

To help you make a decision, here are a few situations we would recommend using an under sleeve:

  • if your doctor or a medical professional has instructed you to wear a brace, however you find it uncomfortable, an under sleeve for the knee brace will help you find comfortable middle ground when you wear the brace.
  • If you have weak knees or mild knee pain, but do not want to commit to purchasing a knee brace yet, an under sleeve may be the solution you are looking for.
  • When you want to wear some jeans, trousers or pants, but do not want to have a knee brace over your clothes, you could temporarily use a knee sleeve to replace the knee support and wear it underneath your clothes.

Our Recommendations for Under Sleeves for Knee Braces

Final Thoughts on Under Knee Brace Sleeve

When it comes to knee support, the under knee brace sleeves are part of the complete package.   They help to maintain the integrity of the knee brace and are an easier solution when it comes to washing and cleaning. 

To top it off, under sleeves are a helpful solution when knee braces are just too big and bulky. 

We highly recommend seeking out an under sleeve for your knee brace.