The Latest News on DonJoy

DonJoy is one of the world’s leading brands in physical medical products that are designed to support, protect, and give endurance to the Athlete’s body. In fact, DonJoy’s harnesses and braces are designed by a team of bio-engineers who are constantly creating state of the art tools, who use only the strongest materials to achieve their goal in helping people continue to perform at their very best.


In fact, the company itself, DJO Global, is doing so well that in it’s third quarter report on November 10th, 2015 it shared with investors and stockholders in the company that there was a net sale gain of $300 million, despite the fact that it’s a decrease of only 1.8%. Overall the entirety of the company itself reported a loss total of only 2.1% across all of it’s boards, which is completely fine DonJoy’s Global Chief Executive Officer Mike Mogul has stated that “Our Bracing, Surgical, and International segments continue to perform well”.

It’s not hard to see why either. While the global company itself has shown that it’s had a net loss of a little over 2% compared to it’s third quarter in 2014, the company itself seems to be doing very well as it continues to produce some of the finest braces, harnesses, and surgical tools and continues to meet the demands of it’s customers. In fact, they have recently announced the launch of its EMPOWR 3D Knee Brace that utilizes new natural motion technology that’s designed to recreate healthy, and natural motions of the human knee. This of course is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the “3D Knee” and is purported through laboratory testing to provide stability, durability, and added strength while retaining a full range of motion.


While that handles the knees, DonJoy has also recently announced the release of the Back Brace II – TLSO brand back brace that’s been fully designed to accommodate proper motion restriction throughout a patients healing process. In fact the Back Brace II – TLSO is light weight and includes a patented mechanical advantage pulley system to allow a quick release should strap buckle and easy to use thoracic adjustment features. While the Knee Brace above was intended for athletes and to help them continue on, the Back Brace II is intended to help pain relief that comes from extension alignment of the back, and pain that comes through osteoporosis and other related back surgeries.

Of course these two are just a small sampling of the many products that DonJoy has been rolling out this year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. While the Third Quarter for the company was down this year, customer satisfaction was up as it continues to help patients reinvent confidence in themselves, and allow them to continue to retain their natural bodily motion. Whether it’s sports related, and the athlete is in need of a brace to support their body, or patients in need of care, DonJoy has been there and it’s showing that there’s no slowing down for the global corporation as it enters into the new year.


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