SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap Review

SimplyJnJ Knee Ice Wrap Review

I am excited about this month’s review because I’ve been waiting a few months to get my hands on the SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap. Normally I stick to knee support products such as knee sleeves, knee bands and knee braces however today’s product is a bit different because it tackles knee pain straight on. The wrap combines two types of therapy which are critical for knee pain management and those are cryotherapy (or cold therapy) and compression therapy. Can it help you manage your knee pain? Keep reading to find out.

About The Wrap

The SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Wrap includes two ice gel packs, the wrap itself which is used to secure the ice gel pack to your knee and the compression bulb which is used to apply compression to the affected area once the ice gel pack is in place. The ice gel pack (cold therapy) is used to numb the nerve endings and reduce blood flow to the injured area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that is causing your pain. If you aren’t sure what inflammation is, it comes from the Latin word “inflammo” which means “to ignite” or “to set alight” and it’s your body’s attempt at protecting itself by removing harmful objects like pathogens or damaged cells in order to begin the healing process. The usual signs of inflammation include heat, swelling, and/or redness around the affected area.
The compression tube & bulb attached to the wrap can then be used to apply compression therapy to the affected knee joint. Compression therapy helps to prevent additional swelling by applying external pressure on the tissues and it also ensures that there is full contact between the ice pack and your skin. (Better contact = better results).
The company, SimplyJnJ, promotes this wrap as being an essential kit for post-knee surgery recovery (by reducing inflammation and pain for several days/weeks after surgery and future flare-ups) and for those who suffer from knee pain cause by Runner’s Knee, arthritis / osteoarthritis, tendonitis, meniscus problems, knee sprains and strains, ligament tears and more.
Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack - Essential Kit For Knee Pain and Post Knee Surgery Recovery - Extra wrap

How Do You Use It?

The SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap is extremely easy to use. Here are some quick instructions on how to use it:

  1. Put the two ice packs in the freezer 60-90 minutes before you plan on using them. (Or just leave them in the freezer all the time.)
  2. When you are ready to use it, attach one ice pack to the knee cold therapy wrap.
  3. Place the wrap/ice gel pack to the affected knee with the opening at the botton.
  4. Secure the top part of the wrap using the long strap (goes behind the knee and attaches on the other side).
  5. Secure the short bottom strap, across the front lower part of the knee.
  6. Secure the long bottom strap, which goes behind the knee and attaches on the other side.
  7. If you want the compression, turn the valve to ON and squeeze the air pump to add the pressure you require. Just make sure you start off slowly, then gradually increase.
  8. When you are done, turn the valve to OFF and then deflate the wrap by pressing the button near the compression bulb. Once deflated, remove the ice pack from the wrap and place it back in the freezer.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Now keep reading for my thoughts on the product. For additional information about icing, refer to our post: How Long Should I Ice My Knee?
Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack - Essential Kit For Knee Pain and Post Knee Surgery Recovery

SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap – My Review

One of the best aspects of this wrap is that it does an amazing job with knee pain relief. I tried it out several times in the past few weeks, mostly when I feel throbbing in my knee after a really long run, and it always manages to relieve the pain. In my personal opinion, I think it was has to with the fact that it covers the entire knee area, not just part of it list most ice packs do. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on compression therapy lately and although I can’t prove it scientifically myself, several articles I’ve read have all mentioned that compression can improve blood flow in the sense that it improves the way oxygenated blood gets to the damaged area (which it needs) and gets rid of the “bad” (de-oxygenated blood). Because of this effect, you end up with less swelling, which means faster tissue repair. Another great thing about this kit is that it comes with an extra ice pack. That means that once you are done with one ice gel pack, you can simply put it in the freezer and start using the 2nd one right away. No waiting time in between icing sessions.
One thing that would be nice to see in this kit is some sort of towel or fabric to go in between your skin and the ice gel pack. That’s because the ice gel pack is extremely cold (which is why it is so effective) which means you can’t place it directly on your skin. Just grab a towel or some other type of fabric to place over your knee, before you apply the gel pack. The thickness of the fabric will depend on your personal preference. In my case, I like it fairly cold, so I just place a thin towel in between.


As I mentioned a few times already, the SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap did the trick for me. In my case, my knee pain is a result of an intense knee hyper-extension during an obstacle race a few years ago. Although my recovery has gone extremely well, the pain still comes back when I overdue it. I only wish I had this wrap when I first injured myself. For the price (~60$), you can’t go wrong with this wrap in my opinion.

For more information, I highly recommend that you read SimplyJnJ’s article “Benefits Of Cold Compression Therapy for Knee Pain

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