Rehband 5mm Knee Support Review

Rehband 7751 Knee Support

The Rehband 5mm Knee Support is a slip-on knee sleeve made of 5mm thick neoprene material and it is usually recommended for people with mild knee pain, who are trying to prevent the pain from getting worse. This sleeve is extremely well known, and well used in the weightlifting world and is considered one of the “best of the best” if you lift heavy weights.
It’s true that it is a great sleeve for weightlifting, especially if you are a heavy squatter, however it can be used in other sports, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to do a review on it. Even though it’s not widely known, this sleeve is used by many other athletes (gymnasts, basketball players, etc.) because it offers free range of movement and lets them get through a session a lot easier than without support.
Rehband Rx Knee Support 5mm

Rehband 5mm Knee Support – Review

The best feature of this knee support is that it provides joint compression and warmth to your knees, which improves the blood flow and reduces strain on your knees and also reduces pressure and swelling. If you ever had the chance to put one on, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. Once they are on, I’m not going to say that you feel invincible but you do feel a lot more confident that your knees will make it through a hard session. The added benefit of the warmth is that your knees warm up much quicker. The sleeves are extremely easy to clean, which you will have to do very often. You will see why below.
There aren’t too many downsides to this knee sleeve, but I will list a few things that you need to be aware of. First, you will notice that the price is significantly higher that other knee sleeves (although you get what you pay for). On top of that, they are usually sold separately so double the price if you plan on buying two. In my experience, and based on the comments I’ve seen on many forums, most people regret not buying two right from the start. Even though you may only have pain in one knee, it will seem a little bit “off” when you only have the compression/warmth in one knee.
The last thing I’d like to mention about the Rehband 5mm Knee Support is that you can’t really wear them for long periods of time (i.e.: full day) because after wearing them for a few hours, it’ll start to get uncomfortably warm around your knees. Basically, you are going to sweat like you wouldn’t believe and they’ll start to irritate you. You should be ok if your physical activities tend to be around the 1-2 hour range.

Rehband 5mm Knee Support – Product Demonstration


Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeves Review


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Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to provide medical advice. Our review of the Rehband 5mm Knee Support was posted for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Read full disclaimer.

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