Rehband 7751 Knee Sleeve Review

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“Completely eliminated knee pain during squatting – on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful), I would get anywhere from 2-5 when squatting. Now I’m at zero. Nothing. Nada. Zip. No idea if these will have any long-term effects or benefits otherwise, but the elimination of pain during my favorite exercise is huge.

“Excellent support for Crossfit, Weightlifting and gymnastics moves. I have a torn medial menscius, (blown apart and really need to have a synthetic replacement) so knee pain is a constant in my life. I find these Rebahnd Knee supportsgives my bad knee incredible support and has allowed me to gain further depth in all my olympic weightlifting moves via Crossfit. Prior to using the supports, I found I had to take off day(s) from Crossfit due to knee pain. Now I can perform consequetively 3 plus days and be able to push myself from everything from box jumps, burpees, wall balls, snatches, overhead and front squats, double unders, ect. I loved the Rehband 7mm knee sleeves in small, but they were too big for my knee and did not offer an extra small. I am a small framed woman 5′-6 120lb at 40 years old as reference. These Rehband knee support in X small do compress better around my knee. Highly recommend.


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