Quality Knee Braces - What To Look For When Buying Inexpensive Knee Braces

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Knee braces are the best option for those who have to deal with chronic pain and limited mobility. This kind of therapy is also beneficial in patients who have undergone knee surgery or those who have undergone significant loss of their ability to move freely due to injury, aging, or deformity. Knee braces are custom-made to correct various knee problems and are made from different materials including metal, plastic and cloth. The type of material used will depend on the level of the patient's mobility and pain.

If you are looking for a knee brace that can provide maximum support while providing minimal friction and weight bearing then the open cell variety is the ideal option. It comes with a variety of accessories like rigid stays, compression straps, weight bearing springs and pre-assembled accessories. Some of these braces come with an adjustable soft tissue material that can be used as a skin graft if there is a need to replace a skin graft in case of an accident. These open-cell plastic braces are very lightweight but are capable of withstanding the strain of continuous weight bearing.

Knee braces that are made of high quality open-cell material are more comfortable to wear than other kinds of braces and they help prevent the unnecessary development of micro-tears in the delicate tissues. The three styles of braces that are available are: full wrap around top, full wrap around bottom and limited flexion. Each style comes with an assortment of features designed to meet the unique needs of the patients. Some of the key features in each of the three styles are:

The full wrap around brace is the ideal choice for people who are unable to wear any other kind of braces because it provides a comfortable fit, flexibility and maximum resistance. It comes with an easy to remove hinged plus elastic strap and features a pre-programmed resistance. The pre-programmed resistance offers a controlled rate of expansion which ensures minimal pressure on the patella. A special rubberized lacing system provides maximum comfort and makes the hinged plus brace easy to fasten and remove.

Full wrap around top braces can be adjusted as per the requirements of the patient using a finger sleeve. The top part of the knee is wrapped around the entire leg using the supplied elastics. These elastic straps are then fastened to the frame of the knee by a specially molded clip. The full wrap around top is a good option for those patients who have to walk for a long time. It has a built-in GPS device and knee sleeve for easy storage.

Full wrap around bottom braces use a pre-programmed compression method to apply stable pressure on the front of the patella. They are made up of a high-density spacer material with a low elasticity. This material is designed to provide a comfortable fit and increase the stability of the kneecap. The material also allows the braces to glide smoothly over the surface of the skin without causing irritation to the skin.

Open cell foam knee braces are available in a variety of materials including leather, synthetic leather, polyester or Spandex. Open cell material offers the greatest support and therefore is often recommended by orthopedists to be used in high-impact knee surgeries. The material is also easy to wash and will not cause irritation to the skin. Open cell material is most commonly used for children with moderate to severe knee problems.

All knee braces should be a perfect fit. If they are not, the knee cap may slide out of the joint resulting in discomfort or worse, damage to the knee. Orthopedic surgeons should make every effort to ensure that the patients receive the best possible knee braces system. By following the guidelines of the braces system, patients can be sure to experience a long and healthy life.

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