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The JK-2 provides the most advanced patellar support for Patellar Tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatters Disease and Chondromalacia. JK-2 incorporates Flyweight fabrication with i-Fit technology, a semi-open design with a lower strap for individualized adjustment and compression. This unique design keeps the product in place without causing chaffing and irritation. The V-Tech material ventilates and quickly removes perspiration during exercise. The P-Tech padding is designed to help dissipate tendon pressure without irritating the bony protrution present from Osgood Schlatters. The JK-2 is a highest level of support within the JK Series. It provides additional support to any patella-femoral pain. An individual that usually experiences pain behind or around the knee cap may find the JK-2 to be an ideal option. This product is one of the few unique products available on the market for Osgood Schlatters.

  • P-Tech padding design.
  • Helps to dissipate tendon pressure.
  • V-Tech’s ventilated flow through design keeps you cool while in motion.
  • i-Fit is an open panel design with adjustable fasteners providing an individualized fit, enhanced comfort and variable compression levels.
  • ROM-Tech is a pre-curved design to provide full Range of Motion for maximized performance levels.
  • Flyweight tech provides an advanced material fabrication with lightweight construction.
  • Provides the most advanced support for Patellar Tendinitis Osgood Schlatters Disease and Chondromalacia.
  • Semi-open design allows custom fit.
  • Athlete can wear knee pad over brace

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