Therion Magnetic Knee Support (Balance)

Therion Magnetic Knee Support (Balance)


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Magnetic Knee Support (Balance) relieves knee pain with high quality therapy magnets in a knee support brace. Magnetic Knee Support is lightweight material and smaller magnets (versus Knee Support Platinum) are perfect for active lifestyles and sports. Provides some stability and comfort to your knees. The Sport knee support is the best choice for relief of knee joint pain, swelling and general knee pain relief in the mild to moderate range of the discomfort scale. It provides welcome relief for sports injuries, arthritis and sprains, where there is no significant difficulty with bending or instability of the joint. The powerful research grade magnets , inserted at precise locations , penetrates completely through the knee to effectively relieve knee pain and reduce swelling.

  • Contains ten 4,200 gauss research grade ceramic magnets. Therapy magnets are ¾ inches diameter x 0.2inches thick.
  • Patented Stomatex construction dramatically improves the level of comfort of orthopedic supports.
  • It has plush inner lining for maximum skin comfort.
  • It retains the heat produced by the body in a specific area and hence aids in the healing process.
  • Popliteal cutout to prevent pinching behind the knee.

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