TANDCF Hinged Knee Brace ROM Knee Immobilizer Brace Leg Braces Orthopedic Patella Knee Brace Knee Immobilizer Brace Support Orthosis, Adjustable for Left Leg and Right Leg, Black

Hinged Knee Brace ROM Knee Immobilizer

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Indication :

1. Conservative treatment of synthetic knee joint instability.

2.Fix and repair knee joint fracture, patellar fracture, dislocation, meniscus injury, muscle tone, contracture, arthritis, genu recurvatum disease, etc.


1. Help knee joint to regain its original functions or functional training for long-term rehabilitation.

2. Can be adjusted as individual demand.   The bilateral range-of-motion settings can be adjusted between 0°-120°of flexion and 0°-90°extension Size:Free size.

3. By setting Angle adjustment lock allowing normal knee joint motion within a suitable range, it can provide stability to an injured and unstable knee..

3. Wider and comfortable leg straps offering additional support and comfort.

1. Usage: knee immobilizer hinged offer strong fixation of knee joint after operation ; Treat for injury of side-secondary ligaments of knee joints ; For injury of front-crossing ligaments of knee joints; Efficiently for acute injury of surrounding soft tissue of knee joints.

2. Immobilizer: The brace lock of leg brace hinged such as an immobilizer, It has the ability to lock at any radius,There is a slide switch on both sides of the brace that you can set for range of motion. If these slide switches are set to the zero position you can set the lock/unlock switches on each side to “Lock” and it will then act as an immobilizer.The bilateral range of motion settings can be adjusted between 0°-120° of flexion and 0°-90.

3. the thigh circumference measurement for this knee brace stabilizer : It doesn’t fit a specific circumference. The Velcro straps allow fitting to any size thigh. If have very large thighs it also fits fine.

4. the length measurement for this knee support medical: the length of this knee brace is ajustable. It doesn’t fit a specific length of leg. allow fitting to any length’s leg.

5. Fitting people and leg : This medical Hinged Knee Brace fits right leg and left leg. And it is unisex,fits man and woman.


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