Stoic Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting - 7mm Thick Neoprene Sleeve for Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting Best for Squats, Cross Training, Strongman Professional Quality & Ultra Heavy Duty (Pair) by

Stoic Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting - 7mm Thick (Pair)

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Are you tired of cheap, flimsy knee sleeves for lifting that offer little support (even though they claim to be made of “premium 7mm thick neoprene”) then fall apart after just a few uses?! If so, you’ll love the quality (and longevity!) of our knee sleeves! These super strong knee sleeves are perfect for everyone from gym goers to competitors looking for added knee support and compression during leg workouts and especially squats. Perfect for powerlifting, weight lifting, strongman, cross training. Work for men and women. Because of these sleeves stiffness and tightness, we do NOT RECOMMEND them for sedentary uses or activities outside of exercise due to lack of comfort. Designed to legal specs in all competitions, check with your federation to be sure. Pending IPF approval. USPA APPROVED IPL APPROVED AAU APPROVED USAPL APPROVED FOR STATE/LOCAL MEETS.
NEXT LEVEL LEG TRAINING – Knee sleeves purpose built to hit heavier weights, higher reps, and more intensity! Specially designed for optimal performance & support for driving increased stimulus and progression. Experience new personal records while reducing or eliminating knee pain! SOLD AS A PAIR.
KNEE PAIN REDUCTION & PROTECTION – Holds knee compression through the full range of motion. Unlike other sleeves designed for comfort, these sleeves are designed to add support, warmth, and compression during leg workouts. The added heat retention and compression provided by our unique ultra-high density 7MM thick neoprene can dramatically reduce aches and pains during exercise.
HIGHEST GRADE MATERIALS, HEAVIEST DUTY – Built to outlast ANY other knee sleeves on the market using patent-pending construction methods. Our neoprene knee sleeves are 100% guaranteed to outperform and out-last even the most expensive knee sleeves on the market. You’ll feel the difference!
UNBREAKABLE CONSTRUCTION, GUARANTEED – Our patent pending triple reinforced seam offers the strongest stitch ever used on a knee sleeve. The use of the heaviest grade tear resistant materials used both inside and out makes these knee sleeves built to last. We’re confident you’ll absolutely love our Knee Sleeves – or any of our other products! If somehow you aren’t 100% satisfied, just contact us!
EXTRA LENGTH, COMPLETE COVERAGE – Every size sleeve comes in full 30CM length for maximum coverage and support. Our knee sleeves are designed to add warmth and compression through the knee joint and surrounding muscles. NOTE: Due to the length and strength of materials used, tight sleeves may be very difficult to apply. Please see application and removal directions.

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Large (39.5-42 CM), Medium (36.5-39 CM), Small (33.5-36 CM), X-Small (30.5-33 CM), XX-Small (27.5-30 CM)




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