Rehband Rx Knee Sleeve 5mm - Black

Rehband Rx Knee Sleeve 5mm - Black

$30.00 (as of April 21, 2019, 8:30 am)

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Feel more confident and secure in any activity, from weekend warrior pursuits to powerlifting or elite competitive sports. The classic Rehband 5mm model provides knee support with comfortable, flexible, knee joint compression. The Rehband knee support pattern construction is built on an anatomical fit so unique that it has been patented! Our 3-D contoured design is based on the actual contour of the leg, so it’s not just an angled tube.

The Rehband knee sleeve provides reinforcement all the way around the knee, and allows for a safe, optimal range of motion in any leg-driven activity – whether you’re an elite athlete or just casually active, and no matter how old you are. Rehband has been a top-flight, dependable creator of knee supports and other joint support technology for decades, making only the highest quality handcrafted products since 1955. If you’re like us, you want to make the best possible choices in your life, and for your health. Choose Rehband and find out why so many of the world’s most elite athletes select our knee sleeves over any others.

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Large, Medium (33-36cm), Small (30-33cm), X-Large, X-Small


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