Patella Strap 2 Count by DashSport - Knee Brace and Knee Support for Jumpers and Runners Knee

Patella Strap 2 Count by DashSport

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Premium Firm Gel Padded Knee Strap – These are not the thin piece of fabric you see elsewhere! High Quality Nylon with a firm gel pad to stabilize and support your Patella tendon.

GEL PAD Design: The goal of Patella straps is to stabilize and support the knee at the patella tendon. Our gel insert does just that, and does it far better than simple material straps.

COPPER Advantage: Our straps are made with the highest quality copper nylon and neoprene available. This provides a soft, comfortable, breathable fit as well as being odor and microbial resistant (it wont smell after sweating a lot!)

RECOVERY: Support your joints and improve recovery aided by the compression straps giving your knees relief and support.

FULLY Adjustable ( Double velcro loop) : Custom compression to your knee, relieves pain, and stays secure while allowing full range of motion. Fits almost every knee, up to a diameter of 17 inches.

AMAZING VALUE: You get two premium knee straps for a much lower price. Cannot compare with other brands that do not offer stability pads. WARRANTY: 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee


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