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Have you experienced knee pain while walking, running, climbing stairs or even while just standing in place?

You may be suffering from patellar tendonitis otherwise know as runner’s knee or jumper’s knee. No Limits Sports’ Knee Strap and Rehab Resistance Band provides you with a comfortable way to relieve your knee pain and rehab your knee back to optimum health.

How Does the Knee Strap and Rehab Resistance Band Work?

The knee strap applies consistent pressure to the patellar tendon to reduce pain and swelling by correcting the tendon’s tracking. The curved profile of the strap cradles the lower kneecap and provides a comfortable fit. Most therapists agree that the roadmap to eliminating knee pain includes a regimen of low-impact knee strengthening exercises. The Rehab Resistance Band helps jumpstart your recovery by giving you a tool necessary in exercising the muscles around the knee. Through daily short exercises you can restore your knee health and comfortably get back to your daily activities.

How Comfortable Is the Knee Strap

Unlike traditional “over the knee” braces, the No Limits Sports Knee Strap is lightweight and has a small profile which makes it comfortable for daily use even under long pants. New nylon outer covering reduces the abrasive skin contact typically found on similar straps. The strap’s material absorbs and wicks away moisture for all day wearability. The fully adjustable straps (Adjusts from 12 – 22) ensure that you can apply the pressure your most comfortable with.

Why purchase No Limits Sports Knee Straps and Rehab Resistance Band?

No Limits Sports Knee Straps and Rehab Resistance Band focuses on not only immediate pain relief, but also assisting you on the road to recovering your knee health. Backed by our 100% Guarantee, you can purchase with confidence that if you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it for a full refund.

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