NEObracex Patella Tendon Strap For Knee Pain Relief & Patella Stabilizer

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Does your knee hurt when you walk or exercise? Are you tired of other so called solutions to knee pain? The neobracex patellar tendon strap and kneecap support band is the right answer to protect the patella during exercises involving frequent jumping and moving. If your knees hurt and you suffer from knee pain when doing any exercise or even walking, then this knee strap will provide pain relief. Now you can climb stairs without worrying about the pain. Go play a round of golf, a game of basketball or a tennis match without worrying if your knees are going to be in pain afterwards. Instant knee pain relief The neobracex patella knee brace has a premium quality flexible slim insert designed to be worn directly below patella (kneecap), over the patella tendon.
It helps by acting as a buffer over the point of tendon insertion on the tibia. It absorbs stress to the knee, reducing vibrations in the femoral groove. The strap is designed to reduce the pressure on the patella tendon providing pain relief when running or exercising. Light and comfortable The patella tendon strap fits perfectly thanks to its double adjustment system. It is fully adjustable and fits comfortably almost everyone, kids and adult athletes love it because it can be put on and taken off in a snap. The Velcro closures provide strong fastening and easy adjustment. It is constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene with a premium quality insert for added protection, compression and stabilization. To use, wrap the patella tendon strap around the leg just under the knee cap. Thread through the buckles and fasten each side with the hook and loop closure to comfortable fit. To clean, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Click the add to cart button and begin feeling the difference on your knees with the neobracex kneecap support band.

  • Knee pain relief from irritated kneecap, tendonitis, osgood-schlatter’s disease or arthritis
  • High quality, durable and fully adjustable providing a nice fit to your desired level of tightness
  • Designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation to minimize the risk of injuries
  • Universal size (one size fits most), adjustable support, fits the left or right knee and is unisex


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