Kootek 2 Pack Knee Strap Patella Tendon Brace

Kootek 2 Pack Knee Strap Patella Tendon Brace

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Kootek 2 Pack Knee Strap Patella Tendon Brace – General Application

Great for alleviating moderate knee pain, especially in areas under and surrounding the knee cap.

Medical Applications

Kootek Knee Strap helps alleviate symptoms of tendinitis, chondromalacia, Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease, and other knee ailments.

How It Works

Kootek Knee Strap provides compression on the patellar tendon, helping spread pressure uniformly across the patellar tendon, reducing discomfort and irritation. This compression may also help stabilize your patella, improving its tracking. In addition, Knee Pro-Tec absorbs stress to the knee, reducing vibrations in the femoral groove.

Design Theory

Kootek patellar tendon strap is designed to provide consistent pressure on the patellar tendon. The strap is made from neoprene, which stretches, allowing it to stay comfortably in place. Tubing, sewn into the neoprene, is used to provide gentle compression and a plastic loop is utilized to make it easier to adjust. The strap attaches with a velcro closure.

  • Application: Designed to boost overall stability of the knee and improve patellar tracking by applying mild pressure on tendon below kneecap.
    Built-in SBR buffer: It prevent accidental damage and alleviate the pressure and pain well.
  • Adjustable Tendon Strap: Double knot strap, fully adjustable tightness, fit up to 17″ knees.
  • Loop Lock Design: It allows controlled and flexible movement while eliminating glide and twisting to help in knee protection and mobilization.
  • The lightweight and breathable fabric makes for ultra-comfortable all-day wear. Durable and machine-washable.


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