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Knee Ice Pack w/compression by Cold One – The Complete Knee Ice Pack Solution.

Cold One combines Icing and Compression to Drive the Cold Deep into injured soft tissues to Stop Pain and Aid Healing. The knee ice wrap is MD recommended safe to provide quick and efficient relief for:

• Knee Surgery
• Active sprains or strains (critical injury)
• Sore/Swollen knees from past injury or surgery (chronic injury)
• Torn ACL
• Dislocated or twisted kneecap
• Torn Meniscus
• Knee Osteoarthritis and Post Traumatic Arthritis
• Jumper’s Knee (ie. patella tendonitis)
• Runner’s Knee (ie. iliotibial band friction)
• Housemaid’s Knee (ie. prepatellar bursitis)

Apply frozen for 15-20 minutes immediately following any strenuous activity to prevent knee swelling and pain. Daily use will significantly help an injured knee heal faster.

If the knee is tender from surgery or injury, it may be more comfortable to let the ice gels begin to slush before applying compression.

All Cold One ice wraps freeze in a home freezer in 1 ½ to 2 hours. Apply 2 times a day for best results.

Once applied, the gels will gradually thaw within 15-20 minutes – the length of time recommended by doctors and orthopedic therapists for effective healing – so there is no risk of damage from “over-icing” the tissues or cryoburn to the skin.

The cold and compression stop pain and inflammation to the soft tissues and promote faster healing..

Constructed of non-toxic and non-hazardous FDA approved materials. Cold One ice wraps are safe to use against the skin.

– Judged Best Ice Packs For Knees – Stops Knee Pain * Knee Swelling * Knee Inflammation
– Wrap freezes in 90 minutes * Wear frozen for 15-20 minutes for Instant Relief * – – Adjustable compression
– Treats Knee Osteoarthritis and Post Traumatic Arthritis
– Delivers complete Icing & Compression to the front, back and sides of the knee.
– MD Recommended #1 Treatment for knee injury or post surgery * One Size Fits All – Proven Safe & Effective


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