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Heal Your Sore, Aching Meniscus, ACL, MCL, LCL. Knee Injury Recovery Guaranteed! The KB BasicsTM Knee Heating Pad is designed for the unique shape of your knee. This traditional Heating Pad conforms to your entire knee to target the sore, aching areas. The KB BasicsTM Heating Pad is designed for people who enjoy heat. The KB BasicsTM Knee Heating Pad provides maximum coverage and uniform heat over your knee. The KB BasicsTM Heating Pad is cost-effective but well-designed and much safer than other heating pads. The KB BasicsTM Heating Pad is very easy to use. Pull the Heating Pad up onto your knee, connect the power, and turn the Controller to your desired setting. There are 3 levels on the Power Controller – Level 1 (Low), Level 2 (Medium), and Level 3 (High). The higher the setting, the more heat you will feel.

The Power Controller has a built-in timer and will automatically shut the Heating Pad off after 20 minutes of use. This is a safety feature that makes the design of the KB BasicsTM Heating Pad superior. The KB BasicsTM Knee Heating Pad is made of elasticized materials, allowing you to slip it on and off easily. Even the stitching is flexible, so when you move, the Heating Pad moves with you. The inner lining of the Heating Pad is thin and breathable, and there is no bunching or binding. It is incredibly soft, light and comfortable to wear. Using the Heating Pad is hassle-free because there is no adjustment required. Simply slip the Heating Pad on so it covers your knee for a comfortable fit. KB BasicsTM Knee Heating Pads come with a 90 Day Manufacturer’s Defects Warranty.


  • The kb basics knee heating pad is designed for the unique shape of your knee.
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • 3-level power controller
  • 20 minute shut off
  • Perfect for treating Injured Meniscus, ACL, LCL, MCL, or PCL injuries



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