Hinged Knee Post-Op Patella Brace Support Stabilizer

Hinged Knee Patella Brace Support Stabilizer

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Hinged Knee Post-Op Patella Brace Support Stabilizer

  • Material: Japanese OK cloth, sticky,cloth, sponge,hinge,aluminum alloy holder.
  • Function: Patellar Fracture Dislocation,contracture, Soft tissu damage,Arthritis, Ligament damage
  • It is made of aluminum bar with immobilization neoprene strap
  • Sticky cloth fastener straps insure comfortable fit and stabilization.
  • Angle adjustment lock allows normal knee joint motion within a suitable range
  • Suitable for both right and left legs, can be adjustable of length
  • Hinge is quick setting and limits: Extension from 0°to 120°, flexion from 0°to 120°, Detachable, formable for increased stability.


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