Handbook of Hip & Knee Joint Replacement


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Handbook of Hip & Knee Joint Replacement

Written in simple, non-jargon language and nearing 3,000 copies sold world wide, this highly praised, unbiased resource is for anybody thinking about total joint replacement. For the everyday person it creates a decision making framework that guides you through the entire journey by using a proactive approach and empowering you to a successful outcome.
As Dr. Hugate, Robert Holland, and Francine Campone comment on–and amplify–each other’s chapters — Inger Brueckner explains physical therapy (did you know that PT is a must?), and Dr. Checa explains your options in anesthesia (did you know you have options?).
So, what’s in this handbook for you?

  • Empowerment – through knowledge and understanding!
  • Insight – into the minds of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and physical therapist!
  • Wisdom – from the patients and medical providers in their own words!
  • Learn – that joint replacement is not the only choice, and so much more!
  • Laugh – as our illustrator adds his own wry sense of humor in the form of cartoons!
  • Understand – the roles of the various in-hospital medical professionals!
  • Know – the risks involved with joint replacement and how to tell when things aren’t going right!
  • Plan – how to prepare your home for afterwards and what you can do to strengthen yourself before you go!
  • See – the processes of arthritis and joint wear!
  • Prepare – for physical therapy and why its so critically important!
  • Realize – how your own human-factors act as a decision making matrix
  • Create Success – by including your family and teaching them how they can help!
The Medical Contributors: