Fitdom Kinesiology Physiotherapy Sports Tape in Uncut, Precut & Bulk Roll. BONUS Instruction. FDA Approved. Therapeutic Taping for Knee, Shoulder, Elbow & More. Promotes Recovery & Providing Support

Fitdom Kinesiology Physiotherapy Synthetic Sports Tape in Uncut, Precut & Bulk Roll + BONUS Price: $4.95 (as of 09:17 EST- More info)


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Tired of the injuries & pain? Not able to perform at the level you want to be? Can’t find the Kinesiology Tape that can keep up your active Lifestyle? REVIVE is your answer.

Unlock the full potential of your body. Let Your Body Heal Itself.
★ Revive does not contain any medication.
★ It lifts the skin slightly to increase blood circulation which reduces swelling.
★ Alleviates pain by taking pressure off the nerve receptor under the skin.
★ Allows full range of motion while providing muscular and joint support.

Revive Comes In 2 Styles & 9 Colors.
★ Uncut Single Roll – One continuous roll measures 16.4 feet x 2 inches.
★ Precut Single Roll – 20 strips, each measures 10 inches x 2 inches.
★ Available in 9 colors: Black, Blue, Beige, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Orange & Yellow.

Kinesiology tape does not works unless it stays on your body.
★ Uses the latest adhesive technology and guarantees to stay on for up to 7 days.
★ Added Spandex improves flexibility while maintaining elasticity.
★ Made with hypoallergenic medical grade materials that is water resistant yet gentle to the skin.

Why you should choose REVIVE.
★ Manufactured at highest standard. Use it with 100% peace of mind.
★ You DO NOT need to baby-sit REVIVE. It will stay on. No fraying or loss of elasticity.
★ Why harm your body with pain killers? Let Your Body Heal Itself.
★ Proven by athletes & professionals. It is the Best Sports Tape on the market.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & HASSLE FREE RETURN – If you are not Satisfied with Fitdom Rvive, just return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Get your REVIVE now!! Don’t let pain and injury stop you from your active lifestyle. Let REVIVE help you be you all day everyday.
HIGHEST QUALITY AND SUPERIOR ADHESIVE – Manufactured under ISO standard REVIVE Kinesiology Tape is FDA and CE approved. Made with medical standards, it is Hypoallergenic, Latex free, Water resistant and Breathable. It will stay on through intensive sweats, extreme moist weather, in the pool, and vigorous movements.

FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING – REVIVE Kinesiology tape is used by professional athletes, Physical therapists, and YOU. Designed for physically demanding sports such as football, basketball, swimming, or exercise such as weight lifting, yoga, golf and running. It is also therapeutic that helps you recover from injuries.

EASY TO USE – Quick start instructions included that will let you enjoy REVIVE now. Contains 7 popular taping techniques and allows first time users to enjoy the benefits of Kinesiology Tape with ease. Easy-Grids backing lets you customize the tape application for joints and achieves maximum results.

SUPPORT AND PERFORMANCE – REVIVE Kinesiology Tape facilitates muscle contraction, assists joint motion and stability. Unlike the traditional sports tape, REVIVE provides support, pain relief, and recovery without limiting motion. It enables you to be you with minimum restriction.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND HASSLE FREE RETURN – If you are not Satisfied with Fitdom REVIVE Kinesiology Tape, just return it for a full refund, no question asked.



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