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FACAI Heat Knee Pad with Motor & Massage Function

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FACAI Heat Knee Pad with Motor & Massage Function – Features:

  • Using hot knee massage can promote blood circulation and improve immunity.
  • Eliminate fatigue and relieve joint pain, after which you can feel relaxed and energetic.
  • Can effectively alleviate symptoms such as cold legs and knee pain.
  • Eliminate stress and stress.
  • Power upgrade, 4 powerful massage motors, a total of three different power options.
  • Eliminate excess body fat and dirt in pores.
  • Fitting design Adjustable elasticity: fabric, comfortable feel, easy to clean; elasticity can be adjusted by magic stick Can walk around with ease.
  • Automatic constant temperature Use with peace of mind: automatic constant temperature control, maintaining 47.8 degrees, insulation anti-leakage heating system.


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Product Size:
Tile width (43-47cm), tile length (60-67cm), Velcro length (18-20cm), power cord length (200-220cm).

Principle: By heating, it can promote the secretion of sebaceous glands and accelerate blood circulation Various active ingredients penetrate into the human body and expel water from the body.

Easy to heat: easy to heat, combined with infrared, electric heating, negative ions, ceramic particles and moxibustion, easy to use, wormwood bag can penetrate the neck and shoulder acupoints, reducing the numbness of the neck and shoulders.

Time: 30 minutes / 45 minutes / 60 minutes timing, suitable for human health needs, can promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

Temperature control design: The temperature control design can adjust the temperature according to your own needs to meet the needs of different human beings.

Protection: hot pack, neck and shoulder protection, waist and abdomen protection, knee and leg protection, mild temperature control design, intelligent overheating protection.


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