DashSport Knee System – Copper Compression Knee Sleeve & Patellar Knee Strap


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DashSport Knee System – Copper Compression Knee Sleeve & Patellar Knee Strap:

Size Guide:

Measure the circumference of your thigh 5″ or 13cm above the center of your knee.

PLEASE NOTE: If measurements are close to two sizes, going for the LARGER of the two will be more comfortable, and the SMALLER of the two more snug and supportive

Small 14″-15″

Medium 15″-17″

Large 17″-19″

Extra Large 19″ – 21″

Compression Knee Sleeve will be snug and offer gentle compression suitable for all day support and recovery.

Patella Brace is fully adjustable and provides anywhere from light to very strong, targeted support as needed or directed.

Both can be used together or apart on either leg.

Proper compression sleeves and braces offer the following benefits:

– Copper Nylon material is itch and odor resistant and has anti-bacterial properties.

– High Performance Fabric – Keeps you warm in cold temperatures, keeps you cool in hotter temperatures

– Flat Lock Seams Stitching – Allows flexible mobility without chafing or skin irritation

– Helps fight muscle fatigue

– Knee supports fit either leg

At DashSport, we know what it’s like to keep active.

Triathlons, Crossfit, Obstacle Races, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Hiking, Racquetball, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts… all athletes wear protective gear.

ADD TO CART to protect yourself, relieve your pain and get yours today!

COMPLETE SOLUTION: Don’t settle for halfway: get everything you need for complete support. You will get a premium quality Copper Compression Sleeve AND premium Patella Knee Brace designed to work together, as well as INSTRUCTIONS on use.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Your satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason our DashSport Knee System doesn’t meet all of your needs, we’ll refund you in full.
TARGETED COMPRESSION: Can not be compared to other brands, we stand alone in offering Targeted Compression. For real relief you need Targeted Compression on the areas that require the most attention. Get the support you require, right where you need it. This proven effective method relieves pain and stress from jumpers/runners knee and similar overuse conditions.
COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION: Our Compression Knee Sleeve offers comfortable, all-day, distributed compression. Worn by anyone with knee discomfort, our soft, sleek, snug, comfortable sleeves give you the every day support you’re looking for.
PREMIUM: Our Copper Nylon Compression Knee Sleeve gives all the benefits of copper: It is Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial, and Odor Resistant. The Targeted Compression Band is a high quality support with strong fasteners and a wide gel pad to give you maximum support for any areas that need more attention.


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