Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack - Essential Kit For Knee Pain and Post Knee Surgery Recovery
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Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack by SimplyJnJ

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The SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression is an essential kit for anyone who is plagued by knee pain, or about to undergo knee surgery. This particular kit comes with the knee brace/wrap, an air pump as well as two ice gel packs. Not only does this kit provide some much needed relief for your knee pain, it also cuts down on the recovery time.

How It Works


  1. Put the ice gel packs in the freezer for approx 2 hours before use (or just leave in the freezer until needed).
  2. When you need some relief, simply attach one of the ice packs to the wrap, then apply the wrap against the affected knee.
  3. Once securely in place, use the air pump to apply some compression to the knee.
  4. When you are done, let the air out using the provided valve, remove the wrap and put the ice gel packs back in the freezer.

Cold Therapy Wrap for Knee Pain and Surgery - Infographics

SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap – Benefits/Features


  • Provides a combination of compression and cold therapy (cryotherapy) to help reduce inflammation and swelling, which are common causes for knee pain.
  • Provides relief for common causes of knee pain such as Arthritis, Runner’s Knee, patellar tendinitis, meniscal issues, sprains, ligaments tears and more.
  • Great for post-knee surgery recovery as it reduces inflammation and pain for days/weeks after your surgery, as well as future flare-ups.
  • Fits left or right knee, up to 24″. To make sure the wrap is the adequate size, while sitting, measure the circumference of your thigh approximately 5″ (or 13cm) above the center of your knee.
  • The extra ice pack is an added bonus since you won’t have to wait as long between treatments.


Important Notes:

  1. Don’t place the ice gel pack directly against the skin. Always place a towel or some sort of fabric on your knee before applying the wrap.
  2. For post-knee surgery recovery, make sure you talk to your doctor BEFORE buying this product as one may be provided to you on the day of the surgery.
  3. Do not use this product if you have circulation issues.
  4. Speak to your health care practitioner/doctor before using this type of product.


1 review for Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack by SimplyJnJ

  1. Dan H.

    Amazing product! Really helped me out after my knee surgery.

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