CEP Ortho+ Knee Brace, Black/Green, Unisex, Size 1

CEP Adult Ortho+ Knee Brace

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The CEP Knee Brace adds joint support through both targeted compression and silicone reinforced bracing. It also improves circulation to help the body recover from injury by cycling blood and fluids to injured muscles and joints faster, while lateral bracing bars and a cushioned knee cap pad provide added stability. By reducing the swelling in the knee, athletes can get back in the game more quickly with greater freedom of movement. Our Knee Brace is a certified medical device meaning that it has been developed and constructed to the highest tolerances in a factory that meets very specific guidelines. The 3D design of the CEP Knee Brace ensures a perfect fit around the knee so it can be worn effectively under any circumstances. The Silicone dots on the top band ensure a stable fit under the most demanding conditions. The CEP Knee Brace is perfect for use by soccer players, basketball players, baseball players, volleyball players, and players of any other sport that puts strain on the knees and participants want to continue playing without restriction.

Industry Leading Guarantee

We hold our products to the highest quality standards in manufacturing, which guarantees the comfort and durability of every product we make. When you wear CEP you are wearing a long history of proven success in medicine and sports. We backup our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Buy with confidence – buy CEP.

Experience the CEP difference:

CEP is the performance brand of medi, a global leader in the healthcare market known for its innovative medical products. For over 65 years, medi – headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany – has been developing and enhancing its unique medi compression as the core technology and other technologies that have a positive effect on the human body. Every single CEP product combines decades of knowledge and expertise in sports and medicine.

AVOID and recover from injuries and avoid muscle and joint soreness with this medically certified device that is created and tested to meet the highest standards in medical manufacturing with both anatomy and athleticism in mind.

FOCUS on the game and not your knee with the 3D anatomical design that prevents uncomfortable and distracting pinching and bunching around the knee while keeping the brace firmly in place throughout its entire use.

MAINTAIN a full range of motion with the silicone support structure that reduces pressure on the knee cap during flexing. Lateral bracing bars and a cushioned knee cap pad add extra support so athletes can move and play with unhindered effort.

PROGRESSIVE CEP Ortho+ Knee Brace for men and women features targeted compression to stabilize the knee joint, alleviate pain and swelling and assist with recovery by improving the circulation of blood and necessary fluids to injured body areas.

STATE-OF-THE-ART synthetic fiber material, more advanced than the commonly used neoprene in other braces, works to resist moisture build-up and the bacteria that causes odor. This innovative design is effective for well over 150 wears and washes.

Support for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders of the knee joint
Improved blood circulation
Preventative function
30 Day guarantee

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