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Superconducting Acupressure massage for knees, elbow, and shoulder; Improve muscle tissue stiffness, reduce pain on affected area and joint swelling; Relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation. Equipped with thermostat-regulated infrared heat therapy and soothing heat therapy, penetrating thermal energy deep into tissues on joints, shoulder, elbow or muscles, through radiating warm light and infrared light.
Built-in magnets with 2000 gauss intensity, providing gentle and comfortable magnetic therapy, helping speed up circulation, reducing pain and swelling. With independent vibration massage control and its high-frequency powerful vibration mechanism with 8000 rpm, provides soothing comfortable massage for joint and muscle tension relief. Ergonomically designed cozy padded body, fit knees with girth of 20 inches or less With elastic and adjustable straps for knees and shoulder Automatically shut off after 30 minutes of use and can remember the last time the temperature you set.


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