CAMBIVO Patella Knee Strap, 2 Pack Pain Relief Knee Brace, Patellar Tendon Support Band for Running, Hiking, Volleyball, Jumpers Knee, Tendonitis, Arthritis and Injury Recovery

CAMBIVO Patella Knee Strap - 2 Pack Price: $9.99 (as of 26/02/2020 23:20 PST- Details)

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Knee pain caused by patellar tendonitis or other injuries can be debilitating and life changing; causing every movement to be full of pain; Let us take the edge off of your pain and make your life a little better! Cambivo brings you an incredibly strong and effective CAMBIVO Patella Knee Strap! You will surely be amazed by its effectiveness and how it improves the quality of your life

The CAMBIVO Patella Knee Strap is therapeutically designed to apply constant pressure to the patellar tendon to reduce pain, and provide support to the knee; Additionally, it corrects misalignment, aiding in the healing of the patella and bolstering stability; It relieves the pain without restricting movement, allowing you to go ahead and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle! You will definitely feel an immediate difference when using these knee wraps

The knee strap is fully adjustable and thus, comfortably fits almost everyone; Allows variable amount of pressure; Fits both left or right knee

Crafted of high-quality neoprene & nylon materials for a comfortable and lightweight strap; Breathable fabric; Anti-migration design – contoured to fit well, and stay in place

These knee bands have a strong velcro for fastening; Flexible but firm! Fully adjustable support


CAMBIVO Patella Knee Strap – Benefits/Features

FAST KNEE PAIN RELIEF: Resilient compression pad in the pad holds the patella around the knee and absorb the shocks, provide extra support and protect your knee during daily workout.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE TENDON STRAP: Double-knot Design; Fully adjustable; The perfect-fit of the strap reduces the pressure on the patella tendon and thus helps to provide extra support while running or exercising; Regain your stability; Especially crafted for people suffering from knee instability.
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: These adjustable Knee Straps are made from high-quality material which is both durable, yet soft and breathable for a comfortable fit. Get a ‘wholesome’ feeling at your knees. The fabric is chosen to absorb sweat and thus, prevents any wet or slippery feeling on the knee.
COMFORTABLE FIT & ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: Protects and provide extra support for the knee during outdoor sports; Highly Fashionable; Premium permeability and absorption ability; Easy to wash; Does not restrict movement and allows you to perform physical activities with ease! The added padding provides good support for the knee- especially when when going uphill or downhill.
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