Breg FreeRunner Knee Brace

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The FreeRunner knee brace is the premier soft brace for patellofemoral support. It is designed for patients who have patellofemoral discomfort resulting from maltracking, subluxation or other patellofemoral injuries. It provides dynamic stabilization by relaxing at full flexion then progressively compressing at terminal extension. The lateral buttress offers a comfortable and personal fit, providing a soft tissue wall to maintain normal patella tracking. The unique Smart-Zone compression fabric combines materials for a low profile and ultra lightweight silhouette. This brings together a moderate amount of compression for anatomic support along the superior/inferior and medial/lateral compartments with a light compression over the patella and popliteal panel, for a non-binding fit. Athletes and patients can now focus on their game and not their brace.

– Dynamic stabilization. Compression in full extension for support and relaxation in full flexion for unhindered ROM
– Smart-Zone compression fabric; Moderate compression for anatomic support and light compression for non-binding fit
– Lateral buttress with superior and inferior control straps for personalized fit and support
– Migration control with elastic banding and silicone strips. Breathable and lightweight, just 7 oz. Condyle pads for increased comfort

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