BraceAbility Torn Meniscus ROM Knee Brace | Hinged Post Surgery Support with Flexion/Extension Control for Hyperextension & Locking Treatment, Ligament (PCL/ACL) Tears, Osteoarthritis

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This torn meniscus knee brace is a unique knee support for cartilage tears and degeneration of the knee. Featuring extension and flexion control, this knee support has a two-part design for ideal support to treat meniscal tears and other knee injuries. The above knee wrap around design makes this brace easy to apply while the sleeve below the knee makes the meniscus tear brace useful for dealing with inflammation, promoting healing and reducing risk of blood clots. The hinged knee brace is ideal for athletic use as well as general use. Aimed for comfort and practicality, this hinged knee brace is polycentric including a condyle shell for extra protection. The hinge and aluminum uprights allow flexion and extension control so one can set the brace for torn meniscus treatment to allow the knee to bend at 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90 degrees. To apply the brace for medial or lateral meniscus tear, one simply pulls the lower sleeve portion of the brace up the calf, centers the open patella area on the knee, and then closes the upper wrap portion of the brace at the thigh.
The featured finger loops help with application, and there are additionally four Velcro strap closures for a secure fit and easy adjustment. Although this knee brace is heavy-duty in support, it is surprisingly comfortable and lightweight. The neoprene material the knee brace is constructed of will keep the knee warm to decrease pain. Aside from meniscus tears, this hinged knee brace is compatible for a wide range of other conditions that require compression, support and range of motion control offered for this brace. Knee sprains, instability, weak or injured knee ligaments, and unstable ACLs are a few of the other knee conditions this knee brace is great for. The hinged knee brace is available in sizes ranging from S-4XL. To determine your size, measure the circumference around the following points: 6″ above the kneecap, middle of kneecap, and 6″ below the kneecap.
TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE use a soft, flexible tape measure and refer to the second image for instructions. For the best results, have someone take your measurements for you.
POLYCENTRIC RANGE OF MOTION (R.O.M.) HINGES and aluminum stays allow full flexion and extension control with settings at 0, 15, 30, 60, and 90 degrees.
USE FOR MENISCUS INJURY TREATMENT, buckling or locked knee prevention, ACL, LCL, MCL or PCL injuries, medial / lateral instability, joint degeneration (arthritis), mild strains or sprains, weak knees, and post-op stabilization.
WRAP DESIGN above your kneecap makes this stabilizer splint easy to apply, while the neoprene sleeve below provides thermo compression, reducing swelling and inflammation to promote healing.
MEDICAL-GRADE FASTENER STRAPS provide a customized fit, while the open patella design supports the cartilage around your knee and popliteal cutout prevents bunching and pinching when bending or walking.

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