Body Glove 3mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve Support

Body Glove 3mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve Support

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Providing an optimal blend of thermal compression, support & flexibility, ideal for light to moderate activities. The 3mm non-latex wetsuit-grade neoprene features a neoprene wind mesh for optimal breathability and moisture reduction. The knee compression sleeves for women & men come in a many colors, perfect to match with your fitness wear, and available in many sizes for all knees.

Recover Faster
Improve post-training recovery with decreased muscle oscillation and joint swelling. Our neoprene knee support compresses the knee joint, acts as a knee brace support, while promoting blood flow for quick recovery

Reduce Knee Injury
The most important joint in your body needs to be taken care of. Therefore, we have designed anatomically shaped neoprene for knees compressions sleeves made of 3mm neoprene, with the highest quality standards

Protect Joints
No matter your sport, strenuous activity can be hard on your knees. Warming up before a workout is critical for preventing injury. The neoprene ACL sleeve will help you stay injury free

Enhance Stability
Boost performance through improved circulation. Knee proprioception leads to increased muscle control and stability. Excellent for sports & fitness activities, providing the support needed to train with confidence

Directions for Use
Hand wash in cold water, air dry. Don’t iron or bleach. The Shark Skin material is a synthetic rubber. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to rubber or neoprene, our knee sleeve may not be for you

Comfort Assured
We understand the importance of comfort when it comes to protecting your body. That’s why we’ve designed the best knee sleeve for compression, support and flexibility. For peace of mind, Body Glove products come with a ‘Quality Assured’ Guarantee

ALLEVIATES PRESSURE AND STABILIZES JOINTS – Our premium neoprene knee support offers joint and muscle pain relief from strains and sprains, arthritis, ACL and meniscus injury, tendonitis, post-surgery and swelling. If you’re transitioning out of larger braces our knee sleeves offers the compression and stability needed to walk and work out comfortably. Takes the pressure off knees and stays in place with no bulging, pinching, or roll downs.
ANTI-SLIP QUAD SHARK SKIN FOR A SECURE FIT – Eight non-slip stretch panels (four on each side of the knee sleeve) help keep the knee in line, preventing slippage even during the most strenuous activities. Excellent build quality that holds up well while the side seam banding provides a supportive structure. Offering a secure fit, at no time during workouts will they feel like they’re slipping down. Simply pull on the sides and tug into place.
BREATHABLE NEOPRENE THERMAL COMPRESSION – The 3mm Neoprene thermal compression front panel offers support for knee joint pain relief, while the rear panel wind mesh provides added comfort, breathability and moisture reduction. Our non-latex wetsuit-grade neoprene holds the body’s heat, resulting in targeted deep tissue pain relief. Springy enough to give optimal support during an extended workout but not thick and hot like 7mm’s.
ANATOMICAL 3D CONTOUR FOR COMFORT & SUPPORT – Shaped to reduce discomfort to the knee area, our 3mm meniscus knee sleeve perfectly contours the knee, offering a snug fit for optimal support. Nicely tapered, they’re great even for those with a larger size difference between quad and calf. An ideal sleeve for squats, lunges, gymnastics and volleyball. They pull on great and when in place hug both the calves and the quad.
GREAT FOR SPORTS ACTIVITIES ON LAND AND SEA – Ideal for all activity levels, the wetsuit grade neoprene of our CrossFit knee sleeves makes them an excellent support wrap for any indoor or outdoor activity that puts undue stress on knees. Ideal for swimming and watersports, as well as weightlifting, running, jogging, walking, hiking, mma, boxing, skateboarding, cycling, baseball, tennis and basketball.

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