7mm Neoprene Knee Wrap for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit & Squats

7mm Neoprene Knee Wrap

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Pinnacle Flex Knee Sleeves – Improve Performance and Increase Healing

Pinnacle Flex knee sleeves were designed for support and rehabilitation in mind and prevention of knee or joint pain. Knee Sleeves, often referred to as knee braces or knee wraps, offer compression of the knee while also creating heat in the knee area. The increased heat improves blood flow to the supported area. The compression provides support for your muscles and knee joint. Whether you have a wounded knee or not, support is vital to keep the knee performing at its peak performance. An injured, swollen knee, or even tendonitis in the knee can benefit from a knee sleeve by providing the same support/compression/heat benefits. Please understand that serious knee injuries should always be examined by a medical professional.

WHO BENEFITS from knee Sleeves? Any age, any fitness level. Anyone who wants to prevent or rehab an injury. Anyone considering heavy lifting (power lifting, weight lifting) or squats. Many sports that require bending, twisting or extension of the knee can also benefit from knee sleeves. Hockey, basketball, volleyball, running, crossfit are just some examples of sports whose athletes would benefit from wearing a knee sleeve.

SIZING: While keeping your leg straight, measure the knee around the center of the patella (knee cap). IF you are on the lower edge of the measurement, consider purchasing one size below if you want a true, snug fit.

SMALL 31-34 cm
MEDIUM 34-37 cm
LARGE 37-40 cm
X-LARGE 40-43 cm
2X-LARGE 43+ cm

NOTE: Pinnacle Flex knee sleeves are sold as a single sleeve, not a pair.

Purchase a Pinnacle Flex Knee Sleeve NOW and have it for your next workout!
– 7mm Black Neoprene – 85% Neoprene 15% Nylon. Designed to fit your knee snug but remain comfortable.
– Specifically designed to support your knee during stressful activities to help prevent injuries.
– Supports your knee during rehabilitation and creates warmth while increasing blood flow to the knee.
– Weightlifting or powerlifting, crossfit, hockey, running, basketball, volleyball, hiking, walking.
– No horrible neoprene smell out of the package. Latex Free. Sizing – please see Product Description below. Single sleeve.

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