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3-Piece Resistance Loop Band Kit + Bonus eBook with Exercises For Knee Pain


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SimplyJnJ is dedicated to improving your recovery process for any pain related injuries or issues, whether those issues were caused by sports, genetics, or anything else. Each member of our team has succumbed to an injury at some point, so everyone knows a thing or two about living in constant pain or recovering from extreme pain. Our goal, therefore, is to help as many people as we can to recover from injuries. We want you to get back to doing what you love the most. If you are currently suffering from knee pain or you simply want to improve your general muscle strength, our 3-Piece Resistance Loop Band Kit can help.

Are you having trouble finding the time or space to work out? Are you looking for a way to add variety to your workout? If so, the SimplyJnJ Resistance Loop Band Kit is your solution. The bands are very lightweight and compact so you can store them anywhere. As soon as you hit the road you can bring them with you, using the bonus carry back. Crafted out of high quality and durable latex, they are useful for physical therapy, strength training, and developing your overall flexibility. Every set comes with three weight classes: light which is yellow, medium which is green, and heavy which is blue. These resistance loop bands make a wonderful addition to any exercise routine, whether you are completing regular strength training, yoga, doing CrossFit, or some other physical training. Every band measures 50cm (19.68 inches) in length.

BONUS EBOOK – Because SimplyJnJ is committed to people who suffer from knee pain, we have also thrown in our e-book “Resistance Band Exercises for Knee Pain“. This book has many exercises ideally suited for lower body strengthening. Each of the exercises can be done with our resistance bands so you can strengthen all the muscles around your knee. As soon as the purchase is confirmed, a link to this e-book will be sent to you via email.

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