Knee Straps for Running

Knee straps are a hotly debated topic in the running world. Some people swear by them, while others think they have no place in running.What are the benefits of wearing knee straps? And when should you wear them?To clear up the confusion, here’s what you need to know about knee straps (and patella bands). Everything […]
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Knee Pain Running Downhill

Why Do I Experience Knee Pain when Running Downhill - How to Protect Your Knees Running is a great exercise that has recently increased in popularity around the world due to the current global climate.  However, more often than not, when you run outside on the street or in the country-side you end up running […]
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What is Runners Knee

Runner's Knee: Everything you need to know about Runner's Knee If you have ever experienced pain in and around the knee joint while running, jogging or even walking up and down stairs, you could be suffering from a common knee problem called Runner's Knee. You may be wondering "What is Runner's Knee?", and you would […]
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Do Knee Braces Work for Running

Do Knee Braces Work for Running? When you DON'T Need a Brace! Are you looking for the right brace for running? What's the Best Kind of Knee Brace for Runners? Do you have any knee pain, or are you training for a marathon? Do you want to know if a knee brace will help you […]
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Wrapping Knee For Running

How to Use a Knee Wrap for Running - Step Instructions on Wrapping Your Knee  Knee injuries are notoriously hard to recover from. Treating them can feel like a never-ending cycle of pain, recovery, and setbacks. Fortunately, there are several self-care techniques you can use to reduce your risk of knee injuries, including the use […]
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Are you experiencing knee pain?

Learn about Pain Management Techniques in knee pain.  With in-depth articles, Product Reviews and helpful Buyers Guides, you will have confidence in finding the right solution to relieve your pain.