Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace

Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace


What We Love

Easy-to-use, slimline design unloading knee brace that offers unparalleled support for the medial sections of the knee joint. The Orthomen knee brace also offers customization with adjustable straps and lightweight high quality materials for complete comfort.

Who is This For

Primarily targeted towards individuals who suffer from OA (osteoarthritis) or individuals with weak knees.

Supported Activities

Aids individuals who require support for daily activities and movement around the home and office

Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace Review – Everything You Need to Know

If you suffer from OA or arthritis, the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace is the perfect choice for knee support. 

The Orthomen is classed as an unloader knee brace, which means its primary purpose is to support and take the pressure off the knee joint.  For a quick run down of how unloading knee braces work check out this article.

This particular Orthomen knee brace is targeted to support knee pain that is caused by unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  Medical professionals often use it as a first step to treating osteoarthritis.  It is useful to help reduce knee pain and delay surgery.   

Let’s take a closer look at the knee brace itself.  Orthomen has gone all out to create a comfortable and ergonomic unloading knee brace.  They have incorporate quality materials into this knee brace that are lightweight, yet still offer unparalled support for the knee.  

Unlike other unloading knee braces, the Orthomen has a low profile design that utilizes three points of leverage.  These points help relieve the pressure on the inner parts of the knee (the medial).  The Orthomen also has multiple adjustable straps, which makes sizing of the knee brace a non-issue.   In fact, many of the positive reviews for this knee brace mention how well it fits their knees compared to other braces.    

Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace – The Run Down

Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace

Core Features of the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace

  • Slimline design – When it comes to this high level of knee support, it is hard to find a brace that doesn’t look and feel bulky.  However, one of the features that makes the Orthomen stand out against other unloading knee braces is the streamlined design. 
  • Easy to Use – another fantastic feature of the Orthomen is its easy to apply adjustable straps.  The unique design means you can easily put on and take off the knee brace by yourself.   
  • 3 leverage point design – to offer maximum support for the medial parts of the knee
  • Anti-slip silicone liners – helping to keep the knee brace in place while moving about your daily activities. 

What Benefits Can I Expect from the Orthomen Knee Brace

There are many benefits the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace delivers, however the primary beneficiaries are arthritis sufferers. Here are a list of reasons why we love the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace:

  • Confidence – one of the most debilitating aspects of arthritis is the impact that it has on an individual’s confidence.  Confidence to go about their daily activities without experiencing pain or grievances.  With the Orthomen knee brace, you can experience a renewed sense of confidence and the ability to continue living a normal life – pain free.   
  • Reduced Knee Pain – with its unique 3 leverage point system, the Orthomen Unloading knee brace helps to take the pressure off your knee joint, thereby reducing the pain you experience while moving about. 
  • Delay Surgery – continuing on from the previous benefit of reduced pain, less aggravation of the knee joint also results in reduced inflammation, which helps to prolong the necessity of any surgery

Final Verdict on the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace

It is clear that the Orthomen is a leader in the unloading knee brace space.

With a unique and slimline design, you will be back to performing your daily activities with complete confidence and pain free. 

We strongly encourage any individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis to check out the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace.  

For a closer inspection of the mechanics of the Orthomen Unloading Knee Brace check out the quick video below by Orthomen.