Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer


What We Love

innovative self adjusting knee brace that provides the perfect level of compression and support. With its one-size-fits-most design you will save both time and money from having to fit and return any incorrect sizing.

Who is This For

The Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace is perfect for those with minor strains or sprains and require additional support for their weak knees. The Mueller knee stabilizer is also great for people with OA or are in the early stages of arthritis.

Supported Activities

Perfect for support while exercising like running, walking or jogging. Also a great fit for wearing around the house in your day to day activities.

Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace – A Complete Review

Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

When it comes to innovation in the knee brace space, you can’t look past the Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer.  

Just as it sounds, what makes the Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace stands apart from the rest is the self adjusting straps ingeniously placed across the front of the brace. This means the knee stabilizer adjusts itself as you move around to provide the perfect level of compression and support to your knee. 

The unique Mueller design also means sizing is simple – no more fussing about trying to find the perfect size for your knee.   Due to the flexible self adjusting straps, this brace comes in a one-size-fits-most design, fitting knee circumference sizes between 14 – 20 inches. 

Mueller have used a top of the range neoprene blend material for breathability and comfort.  They have, however, provided a warning that due to the type of blend some skin irritations may occur on people with sensitive skin. 

Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace Benefits

The primary benefit that the Mueller provides is the self adjusting design that helps to achieve the perfect level of compression for your knee size.  The brilliance of the Mueller design means your knee brace adjusts itself while you move – tightening or loosening as required.  This not only gives you the perfect level of support, it also means you receive a time saving benefit without having to constantly readjust your knee brace. 

One of the many benefits this knee brace delivers is derived from the unique neoprene blend Mueller have used.  This particular neoprene blend retains heat to help facilitate blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to your knee.  This not only helps to maintain flexibility in your knee, it also assists in cell regeneration and faster recovery times. 

Who is the Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace For?

The Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer is what we would class as a lightweight knee brace.  Which means it is perfect for individuals who have light sprains or strains. It will also provide good support for people with OA or individuals showing signs of early stage arthritis

Due to the nature of its self adjusting design, it doesn’t have a rigid structure like other knee support, like an unloading knee brace.  Therefore, it should not be relied upon where you need a lot of structural support in the knee, like after an injury or advanced arthritis.   

In addition, with its open back and perforated fabric design, it is a great knee support while exercising or playing sports

How to Care for the Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

As with most knee braces, you will need to clean and wash the knee brace.  The frequency will depend on how often you use the knee brace and the type of activities you use the brace for.  For example, someone who wears the brace only when they go out of the house won’t need to clean the brace as often as someone who wears it while exercising and around the house. 

Note – the self-adjusting straps are not removable on the Mueller Knee Brace. 

For knee brace care instructions, check out our popular step-by-step process for cleaning your knee braces.   

Final Verdict on the Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

The Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer is perfect for those looking for some lightweight support to strengthen their knees during their day to day or exercise. With the innovative self adjusting design while you move, you can say goodbye to constantly having to remove and readjusting your knee brace throughout the day.

We love the quality neoprene blend materials used to make the Mueller Knee Brace and the well thought out open back design and breathability properties.

Check out the Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer online for your knee health today.