KT Tape For Knee Pain?

KT Tape For Knee Pain

If you are wondering what KT tape is (aka kinesiology tape), all you have to do is go to YouTube and look for videos on Olympic beach volleyball. You will notice that a lot of the Olympic players have strips of colorful tape all over their body (shoulders, knee, hamstring, etc.). So can you use KT tape for knee pain as well? Keep reading to find out.
There is a wide variety of KT tape manufacturers around these days however the main thing you need to be aware of are the types of KT tape you can buy. First you have the original/regular version which is made up of reinforced 100% cotton sheathes. The second is the professional grade of KT tape which is specially engineered, ultra-durable synthetic fabric. Both versions are designed to provide stable support without restricting motion, however the Pro version normally provides stronger adhesion and generally lasts longer, so you can wear it longer than the regular tape.
What’s great about KT tape is that it comes pre-cut, so it makes it fast and easy to apply to any body part. The only downside is that when you are first getting used to it, it may take you 3-4 tries before you get it right and start feeling the benefits. This is because it has to be applied in a specific way (depending on the issue or body part involved). I will cover that a bit later.
KT tape for knee pain

KT Tape For Knee Pain?

KT tape is used to handle and ward off hundreds of common injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbow, shoulder instability, ankle instability, etc. However, since my site focuses on the knee, I’m going to stick with the benefit that we care about, which is knee pain relief.
There are a number of reasons why you might be feeling pain in one or both of your knees. You may have a slight case of knee arthritis, you may have a kneecap (patella) that isn’t moving as well as it should, or possibly a torn or inflamed meniscus. As you hopefully know by now, I always recommend that my readers seek medical advice if they are experiencing any sort of pain. The main purpose of this article was to let you know what alternatives are out there for you, and KT tape may be one of them.

Popular Choices For KT Tape

There are many options available these days when it comes to KT tape for knee pain, however here are two choices that stand out among the rest, based on number of positive reviews at Amazon:

KT Tape Pro Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape, 20 Precut 10 inch Strips, Jet Black, Latex Free,...
5,519 Reviews
KT Tape Pro Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape, 20 Precut 10 inch Strips, Jet Black, Latex Free,...
  • WHAT IS KT TAPE? – Elastic sports tape used by pro and serious athletes to support muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. It’s drug-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, lightweight, breathable,...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Don’t be fooled by other brands. KT Tape PRO is the only brand with 100% synthetic-engineered, performance fabric that maintains elasticity twice as long (up to 7 days) as cotton...
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? – It helps reduce tissue pressure and support muscles and joints. Studies show it helps you recover faster from pain. Used for knee pain, shoulder pain, shin splints, back pain,...

Physix Gear Sport Waterproof Kinesiology Tape 16ft Uncut Roll with 82pg EGuide - Ktapes Kinesiology...
7,163 Reviews
Physix Gear Sport Waterproof Kinesiology Tape 16ft Uncut Roll with 82pg EGuide - Ktapes Kinesiology...
  • RELIABILITY IN A BOX — Go that extra mile with our kinetic tape. Made with 4 way Stretch Fabric, Feel the quality as its applied.
  • STAYS ON EVEN WHEN YOU SHOWER – Does Your K tape falls off? Leaves residues? NOT with Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Tapes. Sticks for days – even after sweaty runs or yoga sessions. It’s so...
  • NO TAPE DANGLING. Our muscle tape is made for running, resting, swimming, working, or recovering. No other tape is as easy to cut, stick and peel. No dangling fabrics & No stress when removing from...


Tips For Using KT Tape For Knee Pain

I’ll start by giving you a few tips and then I’ll share a video I found which should help you when you start applying it for the first time.

  • TIP 1 -- It is recommended that you start the process at least half an hour before doing physical activities.
  • TIP 2 -- Make sure the skin is completely dry and as clean as possible. It’s important to get rid of all lotions/oils (suntan lotion, skin cream, etc). If you find that the KT tape is not staying on properly, try cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol before applying the tape.
  • TIP 3 -- If you have to apply the tape on a joint, make sure it is in the bent position before applying the tape. If you try to place the tape over your knee when it is in the extended position, the tape will pull off once you start moving.
  • TIP 4 -- Do not stretch the ends of the tapes. The ends of the tape need to be applied directly to the affected area without stretching them, or else they will not stick.


KT Tape Video Demonstration

Here’s the video that I promised, which will show you how to apply the tape to your knee:

KT Tape: Full Knee Support



Can you use KT tape for knee pain? The answer is yes. If you are wondering if you should use it instead of a knee brace, well that depends on the amount of stability you need. If you are recovering from an ACL replacement surgery and want to get back into playing football, a brace will definitely be more suited for you. However, for more minor injuries, KT tape could be the way to go. It really comes down to how safe you want to feel and the history/root cause behind your pain. Always consult a doctor before trying anything new!

Note about who should and shouldn’t wear KT tape -- Most of the documentation that comes with KT tape will mention the fact that it should not be used by someone who has been diagnosed with cancer (depending on the person’s situation, it may interfere with treatment) as well as women who are pregnant.
Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to provide medical advice. This article was posted for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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6 thoughts on “KT Tape For Knee Pain?

  1. Don’t bother going for the regular tape, just go for the Pro. IMO. I’ve tried both and I find the professional grade just lasts longer.

    1. Glad to hear that Tim. I’ll keep that in mind if it happens to me again. Last time I used a foam roller and that helped. Take care.

    1. Hi Pat – Most manufacturers of KT tape recommend that you don’t wear it for more than 4-5 days. As for how long it will actually last, it depends on the location. For feet and knees, generally 2-3 days at the most. For the back, it could last longer depending on the amount of movement.

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