Knee Wraps for Running

Best Knee Wraps for Running – Everything You Need to Know

When you’re running, your knees go through a lot of stress. They have to support your body weight and propel you forward, all while putting up with the repeated impact of landing on the ground with every step. 

In fact, the impact can actually be more than 10 times your body weight, which is why many runners suffer from knee pain. Running is a great way to stay in shape, but knee pain can sideline you. This is where knee wraps are helpful. 

In this article we are going to go through the fundamentals of knee wraps, so you can make an informed decision if knee wraps will help your running style.  We will also list down our Best Knee Wraps for Running in a product round up below. 

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Everything you Need to Know about Knee Wraps 

You are likely to have heard from a friend, family member or co-worker about knee wraps for running. At The Best Knee Braces, knee wraps are what we deem a “must-have” item by many runners. They are used to provide support to the knee, allowing you to run pain free

And the good news is they come in different lengths and sizes that are designed for specific injuries so any runner can use them to improve their exercising experience. 

How to Use a Knee Wrap – How-To Instructions

When it comes to wrapping your knee with a knee wrap, it can be a bit confusing at first, especially if it is your first time. 

So, how do you do it? There are many techniques to go about wrapping a knee. The key is to use whatever method is most comfortable for you, since it’s better to have a tight wrap that will keep your knee stable than a loose one that won’t.

No matter which method you choose, however, make sure your wrap extends far enough above and below the knee joint to provide the appropriate support. 

If you are like us and prefer to follow step-by-step instructions for wrapping a knee, check out our visual guide. 

Knee Wrap Materials 

There are four major types of knee wrap material:

  1. Neoprene – is probably the most widely used material in knee wraps we see for running.  They are a great choice for many people, as they are thick and durable.  They also versatile enough to allow designs that provide great support for the knees.
  2. Nylon – is also another popular choice as a material for knee wraps.   Many runners prefer them over neoprene. They provide a lot of support, but they are a bit lighter and more flexible than neoprene.
  3. Cotton – knee wraps are more comfortable than neoprene, and they are a bit stretchier.  They also have good breathability – which is very important while you run. 
  4. Elastic – knee wraps are a bit less of a hassle to use than the other three types.  However, their breathability properties are limited. 

You will find many knee wraps use a combination (or blend) of materials, so you can get the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and functionality. 

Top Reviews for Best Knee Wraps for Running

Now you know a bit more about knee wraps and how to use them, let’s get into the reviews of our favorite knee wraps available to up your running game. 

Mava Sports Knee Wrap


  • guaranteed to not slip, unroll or fall off
  • hook and loop system for secure fitting
  • comes in a pair – ready to use straight out of the pack


  • heavy duty use can lead to velcro coming loose
  • read sizing instructions carefully as some customers say it is too small

Mava have released an innovative knee wrap that is perfect for all types of exercise. 

Besides the abundance of positive reviews these knee wraps have, there are many things to like about the Mava Sports Knee Wrap. 

To begin, the knee wrap spans an impressive length of 72 inches.  This provides ample room for any sized runner to customize the wrap to suit their running style and comfort.  It is made from an elastic and polyester blend which makes the wrap versatile for a range of uses and sports.  The elastic component also provides the strength and durability of the knee wrap, so that you can use it for years to come. 

It has a unique hook and loop system that makes wrapping and applying the support aid a breeze.  If you are still learning how to wrap a knee for running check out the instructional guide earlier in this article. 

Mava have also introduced a variety of colors for the Sports Knee Wrap so you can keep on trend and run in style with matching knee wraps. 


AUPCON Knee Wraps


  • improved sports performance and reduce injury risk
  • made from premium quality materials that are breathable
  • segmented fix design for better fit and adjustable to your knee curvatures


  • some larger customers say the knee wraps can feel restrictive when using for long periods

AUPCON Knee Wraps are another good option for supporting your knees while running.

These knee wraps are made from premium quality elastic material that is blended with a breathable material to provide a cool and comfortable experience while running. The elastic component also helps to provide strong support and stabilization for the surrounding mucles of your knee. 

The design of the AUPCON Knee Wrap helps to make customizable adjustments to your knees, so you can feel safe and secure while running (or any other strenuous activity impacting on your knees). 

Definitely a strong contender for one of the Best Knee Wraps available for running. 


Iron Bull Strength Knee Wraps


  • extremely long knee wrap at 80 inches in length
  • strong secure design with extra strength velcro
  • high quality materials for durability and strength


  • body builders and weight lifters complain it is too short – however perfect size for running

These extra long Iron Bull Strength Knee Wraps are an ideal solution to wrapping your knees for additional support and strength during your running training. 

While being on the more expensive end of the knee wrap pricing spectrum, the Iron Bull Knee Wraps offer premium support and quality.  With an length of 80 inches of wrapping material to secure your knee, you won’t be caught short.  Again, these knee wraps feature the hook and loop velcro system, which ensures your wraps stay in place while running. 

While we are on the velcro system, Iron Bull claim their system is unique in that it is built for heavy duty use, so slippage is a non-issue. 

In fact they claim the wraps are so strong, they can be used for a variety of exercises (not just running), so purchasing these wraps could provide versatility for other aspects of your exercise regime. 

Finally, Iron Bull Knee Wraps come in a number of color and pattern options, so there is a knee wrap for every person.  


Final Verdict for Knee Wraps for Running

Knee wraps can be an effective support aid for your running regime.  

Personally, it brings a smile to our face when we see people using knee wraps while running.  It tells us people are taking care of their knees and are being proactive in their knee care. 

There are many options available for knee wraps for running.  However, hopefully we have narrowed down your search with the Top reviews of our favorite knee wraps. 

Now there is nothing to stop you from smashing your personal best!