Knee Braces With Velcro Straps – Review of Amazon Customers

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When people think of knee braces, they usually picture a simple strap attached to the top of the thigh bone. They have been around for decades, and are a common piece of equipment in most doctor’s offices and in rehabilitation clinics across the country. Knee braces with Velcro are a new entrant in the area of orthopedic-related equipment, though. Why is this? And, more importantly, are they worth the price?

A quick look into the history of the crutch will show why it has made the transition from a strap to a brace, and from a strap to a brace. Crutches were originally made for use on the backs of horses. The horse was covered with a piece of leather and the crutches were secured to the back by Velcro. Horse owners found that the natural tendency when they went riding was to kick the leg of the horse and cause its backside to jolt, so they devised a fastening device that held the crutches in place but allowed them to move with the animal. These crutches eventually became known as “dina” straps, and eventually became known as forearm crutches.

Eventually the idea was taken to the beach and the word “cauliflower” was coined to describe the strap-like arrangement that held the two ends of a pair of sandals together. From there the idea of combining a piece of cloth with hooks and Velcro was drawn. A rubber band was attached to the ends of the bracelet and Velcro was added to the ends to create a tighter fit. In time the cauliflower became the familiar knee braces we know today. Many of the new straps would be made of leather, but a few were created out of neoprene, an open-cell foam that did not buckle or get stuck in the sand.

As the popularity of these leg braces with Velcro waned the nylon coated straps were adopted. Nylon straps lasted longer and were more comfortable than the leather versions. Nylon straps also provided more flexibility, which is necessary when a wheelchair user must navigate in a wheelchair that has little to no leg room. Another advancement was the use of braided nylon straps, which connected two straps together. This made it easier to create braces that would not bind when the wearer’s body moved.

Today there are several different ways to secure a wheelchair and if we are going to look at the top 6 best knee braces, Velcro has been around for a while. If the Velcro was the original material, then it seems that technology truly has come a long way. The material itself has changed from the traditional material that was used in the early years up to today’s modern technology. Most of the modern straps are made of synthetic material.

There are other materials to choose from in the world of wheelchairs today. Nylon straps seem to be the top choice and come in all shapes and sizes. The straps are very affordable and can be purchased for less than a hundred dollars, depending on the type and size of the knee brace. When considering one of the top-rated knee braces, it is important to remember that there is a difference between support and physical therapy. A physical therapist will be able to provide much more detailed feedback and information on what the best option is for you.

In one Amazon review, one customer says, “I bought an absolutely amazing pair of knee braces with Velcro straps from Amazon. They are the absolute best! My knees are horrible to begin with, so this was the absolute answer to my problem. Everything works so well, I barely even notice it anymore.”

Dina was able to get back on her wheelchair after spending many years on a stationary scooter. As she has always had trouble getting into and out of the wheelchair, this was a major improvement. Because she no longer needed to hold on to the seat belt it became easier to get into and out of the chair, and now she can stand up without having to hold on. These braces with Velcro strap are definitely the way to go if your goal is to improve your quality of life through physical therapy. Protection Status
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