Knee Braces Explained

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Knee Braces are one of the modern inventions to take care of a damaged knee. It is made out of metal and has a bracket attached to it which helps support your knee. As there are many ligaments present in a knee and its mobility is very important. These knee supports are very useful for athletes as they help them regain their normal mobility with the help of these special braces.

XLS is the abbreviation of the advanced model. In this type you can move sideways and it gives you complete relief from pain. You will feel like your knee is not injured at all. It will even help you jump higher easily and without much strain. These metal braces are made up of an elastomeric material which is flexible and it has a strong back and forward tension system.

The braces are designed to fit perfectly on the joint. This has a great effect on the function of the bone and cartilage. This results in an increase in the lubrication and flexibility of the cartilage. This further reduces the friction between the bones and the joints.

The most important feature that distinguishes XLS from the other braces is that it is designed to be very subtle. So it will be impossible for the other people to detect that you have got hurt in any way. The technology used is such that even the smallest particles can be detected. This helps in avoiding surgery which is very complicated and painful. Moreover it does not call for hospitalization. You can comfortably drive yourself to the nearest chemist to buy the medication.

If you are interested in these braces then you can look for them online. There are many stores who offer them at competitive rates. The type of knee brace that you choose depends upon your condition. Some of the braces available are:

XLS This is a form of invisible metal braces that do not make any noise and can be easily slipped into your mouth. It is quite comfortable as well. These metal braces are made out of ceramic and are very light weight.

SL They are very similar to the XLS in every way. However they are a bit thicker and they are heavier. For this reason they need to be worn for longer periods than the XLS. The reason for this is that they give protection to the cartilage and are also beneficial in strengthening the muscles.

KOR This is another type of invisible braces that is comfortable as well. They do not need to be taken off during the day and so they are suitable for people who lead a very active lifestyle. These braces can be used for any part of the body but the most common is the legs. KOR are ideal for those who want to maintain their youth and also improve their posture.

HC In this case, there is a slight difference between the KOR and the XLS. They can either be opaque or translucent. They also have an additional layer which protects the cartilage. These braces are more expensive than the XLS.

The main difference between these braces is that they can be adjusted faster than the metal braces. In addition to that, they are more comfortable. There is also a possibility of achieving relief from pain and stiffness through the use of this type of braces. The drawback is that it is more difficult to correct the alignment of the bones than with metal braces. This is because metal braces can be adjusted manually whereas this treatment is dependent on the progress that has been made by the patient.

The third kind of knee braces is the LED brace. The LED braces are ideal for those who want to have the best treatment possible without having to go through a very strenuous life. They are very light in weight and can be worn easily even by children. It is also very quiet, very effective and does not cause any discomfort to the sufferer.

The fourth type is the Invisalign. This is suitable for those who do not want to have wires sticking out of their mouth or their ears. This treatment is most suited for adults who want to straighten their teeth. Unlike the previous three, this does not need constant attention. This is the ideal option for those who lead a very busy life and do not have time to visit their dentist. Protection Status
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