How To Wash A Knee Brace

How to Wash A Knee Brace (and Why You Should Do It)

If you wear a knee brace for an extended period of time, certain odors will begin to develop which are not only unpleasant, but may force you to get rid of the knee brace altogether if not dealt with quickly. To prevent that from happening, we have provided a list of tips that you can use to wash a knee brace.  We, at The Best Knee Braces, also answer the important and frequently asked questions such as How to Wash a Knee Brace with Metal, Can you wash a brace with velcro, and much more.

How to wash a knee brace

Tips on How to Wash a Knee Brace

  • The first thing I recommend is to read the instructions manual that came with your brace. It should provide some basic information on how to wash it and maintain it.   Some knee braces may have some special cleaning instructions that will help to prolong it’s life.
  • Brushing it with a soft bristle brush can work. If the knee brace is still in good shape, it will slide right off your knee cap. This is not the case if the knee brace is old or worn out. You should either try to gently wash the brace in a sink or use a brush to gently remove the excess material. If you still can’t, then I suggest using a gentle cleanser in a washing machine.
  • Washing the brace is a straightforward task. There are many choices for soap, water and detergent – for those that want a quick solution we have included some popular detergents for washing your knee brace (below). Regardless of what type of soap you choose to use, make sure that it does not contain scents or dyes.  We recommend soaking the knee brace so the detergent can get to the dirt and odours.   Below are instructions for soaking your knee brace:
  • Soaking instructions:
  1. Fill a tub or sink with water
  2. Add detergent (1 tablespoon per 2-3 gallons)
  3. Soak the material
  4. Wash the material by moving it around with your hands and kneading the material.
  5. Rinse, rinse and rinse again.
  • You can also remove excess dirt and grease using a simple rubbing action.
  • After the knee brace is washed and dried, it is safe to hang it to dry if it is made of a material that does not require ironing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Clean a Neoprene Knee Brace

For all non-metal type braces, simply soaking the material (foam, plastic, neoprene, etc.) in cold water mixed with a small amount of detergent.

How to Clean a Knee Brace with Metal

For metal-supported braces, you can remove the metal material from the brace and soak it, however keep in mind that some material may be a bit difficult to put back on afterwards.

Do not use an excessive amount of detergent. When you rinse the material afterwards, make sure that all the soap has been rinsed away. This is extremely important because leftover soap may breed bacteria and mildew over time, causing additional odors to develop which defeats the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish.

Use specialized products designed for cleaning sports equipment, such as:

Some people simply put their entire knee brace (metal, material and all) in the washing machine on gentle cycle (with cold water). They insist that the trick is to use a small amount of detergent and if possible, use an extra rinse cycle to ensure all the soap is gone before air-drying it.

One final step for metal-supported braces is to lubricate the hinges. Just use a light touch of red grease or auto grease and you should be good to go.

Can you Wash a Knee Brace with Velcro

If you have a knee brace that has a velcro strap that is easily removeable then washing is easy.  Simply remove the velcro strap from the brace and wash the knee brace inside out in a tub or bucket filled with warm water. After a few minutes, rinse the knee brace and then dry it off with a clean towel. It may be best if you don’t wash a knee brace in a sink because it may pick up smells or substances that will stain the knee brace.  Instead, you should soak the knee brace in a bowl filled with warm water.

Why should you wash your knee brace?

Properly washing a knee brace will keep it from developing unpleasant odors. Since your knee brace is often placed on a pile of clothes or in a drawer or cabinet, it can collect odors due to chemical reactions with the environment. When the knee brace is stored in your home, it may begin to lose its original odor. Over time, the buildup of odors will begin to set in. If you wash the knee brace often, you can keep odors in check and maintain its original odor. How to wash a knee brace How To Wash A Knee Brace If you wear a knee brace for an extended period of time, certain odors will begin to develop which are not only unpleasant, but may force you to get rid of the knee brace altogether if not dealt with quickly.

Recommended Products for Cleaning Your Knee Brace

Key Takeaways for How to Wash a Knee Brace

We hope you have enjoyed our article How to Wash a Knee Brace.

We always live by the rule, prevention is the best solution.  So with that in mind it is highly recommended that you try these tips before the odors develop.

If your knee brace already smells funky, it may take all of these tips combined to get rid of the smell and even then it might be too late.