How Do Knee Straps Work

Knee Straps – Everything you Need to Know

If you have been out on the running track or in the gym, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people wearing these little black bands around their knees. 

No, it is not a new fashion trend – rather a unique little support aid that helps to stabilize your knee.  So that leads us to the next obvious question – How do knee straps work

In this article we are going to do a quick dive into the world of knee straps and why you should consider using one when you hit the running track or gym. 

What are Knee Straps?

How Do Knee Straps Work

Knee straps are a simple tool that can help people do a variety of exercises they may not otherwise be able to do.  When you put a knee strap on your leg, it’s designed to tighten when you flex your muscles. This creates compression around the joint which helps decreases pain and inflammation. 

How Do Knee Straps Work to Reduce Knee Pain?

Runners are one of the most common users of knee straps.  And there is good reason for it.  The running motion places a lot of pressure and stress on the knee joint.  This in turn causes the ligaments and muscles to wear (and sometimes tear) and weakens parts of the joint. 

Over time and repetitive use, the patella (otherwise known as the kneecap) can begin rubbing against the leg bone (femur) below it.  This results in knee pain and can range from mild inconveniences, through to debilitating pain that can prevent you from exercising.  

A knee strap can help to support the knee cap and prevent it from coming into contact with the bone.  In doing so, it will prevent any knee pain from occurring and you can continue working out pain free. 

When Should You Wear a Knee Strap?

Knee straps are a versatile support aid that can be used in a variety of scenarios.  Below are just a few of the applications where you can use a knee strap:

  • as discussed earlier knee straps are great for providing support during sporting activities like running, weight lifting, athletics, football, or any high contact sport.
  • Knee straps are also great for recreational activities such as hiking, power walking, yoga or Pilates. 
  • If you have sustained an injury surrounding the patella, using a knee strap can sometimes help to provide much-needed support.  We do however recommend consulting a medical professional for their advice regarding any types of injuries. 
  • And of course, if you are experiencing any mild knee pain, a knee strap is an affordable option to test and see if it can help resolve the mild pain you are experiencing. 
  • Knee straps are also a significant form of prevention to preserve your knee health. Regular readers would know this is a stance we, at the Best Knee Braces, always encourage our readers to take.

Check out this video by an Adelaide physiotherapist (MT Barker) where he explains why and when you need to wear a knee strap

Final Thoughts on How Do Knee Straps Work

A knee strap can be the difference between a painful work out and a pain-free work out. 

Knee straps work by applying compression to the area just below the patella (knee cap) to help support it from moving around too much while you exercise.  

The support provided by the knee strap helps to stabilize the joint and maintains the structural integrity of the knee. 

Ultimately it is an affordable support aid that once you try, you will wonder how you ever worked out without one.