Everyday DonJoy OA Knee Brace Review

If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, otherwise known as degenerative joint disease, it’s possible that this brace is on the list of braces that your doctor has recommended. The “Everyday” DonJoy OA Knee Brace Review is rated Level IV, which provides the “HIGHEST” protection and support features.
Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of the joint and it usually happens when cartilage (the elastic material that covers the end of the bones) starts to break down. If it wears down enough, then you end up with bone-on-bone movement which results in pain, stiffness, and swelling.
Right now, there is no cure for osteoarthritis. However, many people living with OA continue to live regular lives, which includes physical activities and sports. How can they do that? The first thing is to get it diagnosed as soon as possible. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms I mentioned above, go see your doctor right away. With the right medication and proper joint protection, you should be able to delay and even avoid major pain in the future.


I’m not going to get into medication at this time, however I did want to talk about knee joint protection and this is where the Everday Donjoy OA knee brace comes in. This brace is an excellent choice for people suffering mild to moderate OA as well as ligament instabilities. It is extremely easy to set up and take off and provides great protection for those who just need it for day-to-day activities and low impact physical activities. One of the best features is the ability to control how much support you need based on the activity you want to perform. Another great feature is the material used for the pads. They are hypoallergenic “Sili-Grip” pads which provide even more comfort.

What are the downsides to this brace? There aren’t that many. The main thing that I would like to mention is that I would not recommend it for contact sports. There are better choices if that’s what you are looking for. Just keep on eye on my reviews to find out which one.

Everyday DonJoy OA Knee Brace Product Demonstration

Here is a great video that explains what osteoarthritis is and some of the knee braces that Donjoy provides:


What Others Are Saying About The Everyday DonJoy OA Knee Brace


“After 28 years US Coast Guard of ship board and small boat operations, in sea conditions the constant banging down on my left knee have created large amounts of Arthritis, it became unbearable I have had 2 surgical operations. 3 months after the last operation I had a deadly motorcycle accident, I lived through it but my knee still wasn’t healed, you can only imagine the pain. For years Dr’s. have issued me the neoprene knee stabilizing braces, with years of pain problems. I was issued the DonJoy OA, using the pads to increase the pressure on the joint it realigns my knee, I can now walk miles(I just completed a 5k) with less pain.” (The Brace Shop)

“I’ve been in the trucking industry for over 28 yrs., and my left knee (my clutch knee) was so sore from clutching that I had to literally stand up in my seat to engage the clutch. Well after buying this brace and wearing it the pain instantly subsided buy 90%.” (The Brace Shop)

“I’ve worn the Everyday DonJoy OA Knee Brace for many years after a car accident I was in some years ago and I would recommend this brace to anyone having problems with their knees.” (The Brace Shop)



Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to provide medical advice. This review was posted for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Read full disclaimer.
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