Do Knee Braces Work for Running

Do Knee Braces Work for Running? When you DON’T Need a Brace!

Are you looking for the right brace for running?

What’s the Best Kind of Knee Brace for Runners?

Do you have any knee pain, or are you training for a marathon?

Do you want to know if a knee brace will help you with your knee pain?

The answer is sometimes.

Knee pain is often caused by a weak or unstable knee, which a knee brace may help to relieve. But knee pain can also result from other injuries, so it’s important to take a careful look at your injury before investing in a brace.

Here are the main things to consider when deciding whether a knee brace for running will work for you?

When you DON’T need a Knee Brace for Running

In this initial section we are going to run through a few questions to ask yourself to determine when a knee brace isn’t necessary.

do knee braces work for running

What specific injury or cause of pain am I trying to treat or provide support for?

If you are experiencing pain while running (or even after running) then there is an issue that requires attention. It may be obvious to you, however we find some people need to read it before they take it seriously enough to take action.

If, by wearing a knee brace, you hope to resolve the issue then you may be in for a rude awakening. Knee braces are great for treating particular injuries or running issues. However, they are not the solution for every niggle and pain you feel in your knee.

Properly diagnosing how and where the source of the pain is coming from will set you on the right path to addressing the issue.

For example, knee pain can result from the following conditions:

  • Runners knee – when you experience pain on the sides and/or front of your patella (knee cap). It can also experience a grinding sensation or stiffness in the knee joint. The pain can be a range of sensations, like dull or sharp and intense pain.
  • Patella tendonitis – when you experience general dull pain in the knee, as well as a stiffness and weakened knee joint
  • Ligament strains or damage – is when you experience pain or swelling around the knee joint. You can sometimes hear a popping noise when the ligament is damaged.
  • Kneecap Bursitis – when you feel a grinding sensation or pain in the knee joint. Kneecap bursitis results from the bursa becoming inflamed and causing excess pressure on the adjacent parts of the knee.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are many knee injuries that can cause pain in the knee joint while running.

A knee brace is crucial for treating specific types of injuries like Patella Tendonitis and Kneecap Bursitis. However, sometimes a knee sleeve may be sufficient and potentially support you better than a knee brace.

If you are uncertain what is causing your knee pain we recommend reaching out to a professional medical advisor to perform a proper analysis of your knee. This will point you in the right direction for treating the problem at the source.

Looking for knee support while you run?

You may be the type of runner who is proactive and wants to protect your knee from any potential injuries. If you fall into this category, we at The Best Knee Braces applaud you! We are huge advocates of prevention and can confidently say you are on your way to good knee health.

In this case, a knee brace would actually hinder your efforts in running. This is because knee braces are often bulky, stiff and cumbersome. We would actually recommend you wear a knee sleeve while running. Knee sleeves generally have a slimmer profile, is designed to incorporate breathability and comfort, and will support your running style.

A knee brace would actually hinder your efforts in running

If a knee sleeve sounds like the solution you have been looking for, check out our round up of the best knee sleeves for running.

What’s the Best Kind of Knee Brace for Runners?

If you would like a read up on the best knee braces for running take a moment to read through our knee brace buyers guide for our favorite knee braces for running.

Final Thoughts on Do Knee Braces Work for Running

By now you should be acutely aware that slapping on any old knee brace won’t necessarily fix the knee pain you experience while running.

By carefully researching and diagnosing the cause of your pain, you will be able to identify the right support and running aids to get you running pain free once again.

As always, if there is any doubt in your self-diagnosis, we recommend seeking the opinion of a medical professional for a thorough examination.

Here’s to running pain free!