Best Knee Brace To Wear Under Pants

Things to Consider When Wearing a Knee Brace Under Pants

Before you jump the gun and commit to purchasing a knee brace to wear under your pants, we thought it would be prudent to run you through a few considerations that you need to make to optimize your comfort. 

Below (in no particular order) we will pose questions and factors for you to answer about your specific circumstances. By going through these questions, you will have a better idea of what you should be looking for in your next knee brace. 

Knee Brace Style

You probably didn't think knee brace style would be a significant factor - after all support aids aren't necessarily known for their stylish looks. 

However, just because you require knee support doesn't mean your social life and fitness needs to take a back seat. 

Style is particularly relevant when you are trying to wear a knee brace under your pants. To achieve a discrete appearance and still receive the knee support you require, you will be looking for a knee brace that has the following properties:

  1. a thin and lightweight elastic material that will help to apply compression to your knee for added support
  2. material that is pill resistant (this means when your pants rub against the material, it does not wear and begin to form balls of thing fiber)
  3. a knee brace with non-slip features on the inside of the knee brace (the side that touches the skin). 
  4. Ideally minimal Velcro, so it doesn't catch on the material of your pants. 

Knee Brace Support

You will also need to consider the degree of support your knee requires. After all, if you are not receiving the correct support, you are risking further injury and a prolonged recovery period. In some cases, you may even be better off staying at home and not risking more injury.

As mentioned above, for a knee brace to wear under your pants, the best ones will be those that are made out of an elastic materials. This allows you to make the knee brace as slim as possible, as well as providing compression and support to the knee.  

Breathability and Comfort

Another factor to consider in your knee brace is the breathability of the material. Obviously, if you are wearing the brace under your pants, it is likely to lead to sweating. Once the brace becomes too sweaty, it can lead to discomfort and further complications, such as chaffing and eczema. 

So with that in mind, the ideal knee brace will be one that is made from a breathable material for ultimate comfort. 

Is it Adjustable?

This may sound like it is a given, but when it comes to wearing a knee brace under your pants, you want the knee brace to be able to be adjusted easily and quickly. This includes taking it on and off. 

When you are wearing a brace under jeans, it is a good idea to take the brace off for short periods of time. Especially when you are seated. Sometimes jeans can apply further compression to the knee, making it hard for the blood to circulate. This is counter-productive and extremely uncomfortable - it often leads to the sensation of pins and needles or a dead-leg. 

So the best knee braces are those that are easy to remove and reapply when you are on the move. 

Final Verdict for the Best Knee Braces to wear under your Pants

Being comfortable and having a knee that is properly supported while you are out socializing can be a tricky situation to balance. 

On the one hand, you don't want to be stuck at home while you are recovering from a knee injury. But on the other, you also don't want to risk further damage to the knee. 

With the knee braces recommended above, you can achieve the perfect balance between style and support. If we were to select our favorite thin knee brace, it would have to be Physix Gear Knee Brace for the sleek look, elastic and breathable materials and most important - all round support.  

Let us know in the comments below which knee brace is your favorite for a discrete, and supportive experience. 

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