Can You Wear a Knee Brace Over Pants

Do Knee Braces Go Over or Under Jeans

Knee braces are a great support aid for resolving any knee pain or weakness.  They are a simple and affordable solution.  The only problem is knee braces are bulky and unsightly.  Let’s face it – they are not winning any fashion awards. 

This creates a dilemma many knee brace wearers experience – Can You Wear a Knee Brace Over Pants? 

It all comes down to personal preference and the level of comfort you are happy with. 

In this guide we are going to answer all your questions when it comes to wearing knee support aids with jeans.  Do knee braces go over or under jeans? Can you even wear knee braces with pants? 

Let’s get into it.  

Knee brace over or under jeans – Which is better?

Can You Wear a Knee Brace Over Pants

As we established earlier, wearing a knee brace over or under jeans will ultimately come down to your personal preference. 

There is no “better” way to wear your brace and each has it’s pros and cons (which we will explore further on). In fact, you can switch it up between the two styles depending on your choice of outfit for the day. 

Let’s take a look at a few considerations when you are making your decision to wear the knee brace either way.  

Pros of Wearing a Knee Brace OVER/UNDER Pants

The advantages to wearing a brace OVER pants are:

  • easy to adjust – wearing a knee brace over your jeans allows you to easily take off and reposition your knee brace without having to find a private space to take off your jeans
  • reduces skin irritation – some people find the material knee braces are made from irritates their skin, which can result in an entire set of new problems.  By wearing the brace over a pair of jeans, the jeans material acts as a buffer, helping to reduce any prior irritation.
  • less odours – by placing a knee brace away from direct contact with your skin helps to maintain the cleanliness of the brace and reduces the amount of sweat 

The advantages of wearing a knee brace UNDER your pants are:

  • easier to style – with the knee brace under your jeans, it is easier to avoid those unsightly color clashes and odd pairings with your style and outfit
  • knee brace longevity – By wearing your knee brace under your jeans, you can increase the longevity of your knee brace.  Since the knee brace is protected by your jeans, it won’t be damaged by external knocks and scuffs.
  • avoid questions – it may not seem like a big positive for some, however we know there are some people who would like to avoid unnecessary questions from friends and colleagues about “why you are wearing a knee brace?“.  Let’s be honest, it would be so much easier to just get on with your day rather than having to explain you have a painful knee over ten times a day. 

How To Wear a Knee Brace with Jeans (over or under)

Knee Brace Type
Types of Knee Braces

When it comes to wearing a knee brace over your pants there are a few important items to check off before you step out the door. 

When placing the knee brace over your jeans, you want to make sure the following is still present:

  1. No Movement – ensure the knee brace stays in place around the knee joint and doesn’t move around with your jeans.
  2. Targeted Support – knee braces are designed to support specific areas (such as the side ligaments, or patella).  So it is important to take a moment to see if the knee brace is still supporting the targeted areas and maintaining its integrity while over your jeans.  If you don’t feel the right compression in the right areas of the knee when you wear the brace directly on your skin, then wearing the brace over the jeans may not be a viable solution. 
  3. Pants Materials – these days jeans don’t have to be made from the traditional demin and can be made from a variety of materials.  This fact can be used to your advantage.  By choosing a material that is comfortable and breathable, it helps to ventilate your knee joint while wearing a knee brace. 
  4. Knee Brace Materials – if you have the opportunity, we (at the Best Knee Braces) always recommend choosing a brace made from moisture wicking material.  It helps to keep your skin dry and prevents other complications such as skin eczema/dermatitis. 
  5.  Adjustable Braces – knee braces that have straps or adjustable design elements help to accomodate wearing it over/under a pair of jeans.  Adjustable options allows you to customize the knee brace so that you can still receive the necessary support when paired with or without jeans.

Final Thoughts on Can you Wear a Knee Brace Over Pants

Choosing to wear a knee brace over or under jeans doesn’t have to be a difficult decision.  Each option has it’s benefits, and ultimately which way you decide to go will be determined by your comfort preferences. 

Whether you decide to wear your knee brace over or under your jeans, it is important to ask yourself is your knee brace is still achieving it’s purpose – to support your knee.  

Here’s to looking after your knee health!