Best Knee Brace for Sleeping

Best Knee Brace to Achieving a Good Nights Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult when you suffer from knee pain.

There’s also the problem of finding a good brace for sleeping that will actually support your knee and not keep you up all night due to discomfort.

Don’t worry! We’ve found the top 3 Best Knee Brace for Sleeping, and it’s designed to help you sleep better at night.

ProFitness Bamboo Fabric Knee Sleeves


  • ergonomic and slim design for comfort while you sleep
  • breathable and anti-odour properties
  • size and color choices for personal preferences


  • No additional patella support for targeted support
  • Not an established brand

The ProFitness Bamboo Sleeves may not be a knee brace, however it is one of the most comfortable knee supports you can sleep with.

We love the elongated design of the sleeves with the top of the sleeve sitting comfortably mid thigh, and the lower end of the sleeve ending just above the calf.

It is important to get the right fitting knee support, especially while you sleep. This is to avoid the ends of the supports cutting off your circulation.

The material that the ProFitness Knee Sleeves are made out of is bamboo. Which is a fantastic material for its breathable and anti-odour properties.

You will hardly feel yourself wearing this knee sleeve to bed due to it’s slim ergonomic design and soft bamboo fabric.

Finally, even though you will be wearing it for sleeping, you have the option of 3 colors to choose from, giving you the opportunity to match your sleepwear.


Full Leg Sleeves Long Knee Support


  • full leg length for no slippage or bunching of materials
  • additional silicone patella support for injured knees
  • Rish-free purchase for immediate product replacement


  • Some reviews have reported difficulty fitting sleeve over larger legs
  • Velcro very strong and may cause damage if it touches material

Okay, we will admit the SDKD Full Leg Sleeves may not win any fashion awards.  However, if you are only going to be wearing them while you sleep these are a fantastic option for complete knee support while you receive an uninterrupted nights sleep.

The SDKD Leg Sleeves are designed for comfort.  They sport an ergonomic design with an adjustable wrap to enable the blood circulation to the areas that need it most.

The material is lint-free which may seem like a small feature.  However, when you have a sleeve that is almost full leg length constantly rubbing against a blanket, you will soon appreciate the distinct lack of pilling and lint balls.

The SDKD Leg Sleeve also has gel patella supports to provide additional protection and aid for an injured knee.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough for you, SDKD offer a risk-free purchase with a product replacement immediately should any issues occur.


Vive Hinged Knee Brace


  • lightweight and slim profile for comfort while you sleep
  • breathable and natural wicking properties
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day unconditional guarantee for buyer confidence


  • Neoprene can cause irritation to some people, so research is recommended
  • Some reviews have said sizing not appropriate for slim individuals

The Vive Hinged Knee Brace is a versatile support aid that can be used for a variety of rehabilitative purposes.

The Vive sports a unique design that allows for personalized adjustable straps so you can fit the device according to your needs and requirements. It even allows you to remove support hinges all together, providing a truly customized experience.

It is made out of a neoprene material that possesses natural wicking properties – which is very important when you are sleeping with a knee brace under blankets. Vive also claim the neoprene knee brace is breathable and maintains a dry feel, even if the brace is worn day and night. It is perfect for sleeping in, with the non-slip material that prevents bunching, pinching or the cutting of blood circulation.

With it’s lightweight and slim profile, you won’t have trouble sleeping with the Vive Hinged Knee Brace.


Final Verdict for Best Knee Braces for Sleep

Sleep is an important element for a speedy and full recovery of a knee injury.  However, when you have been instructed by your medical professional to wear a knee brace at all times, it can become difficult to find the balance of support and comfort.

Hopefully we have helped you find your balance with this product round up of the Best Knee Braces for Sleep. The right knee brace (or sleeve) for you will provide protection and support for your knee, while affording you a restful sleep.

Are you still having trouble sleeping with a knee brace?  Check out our TOP TIPS for sleeping with a knee brace so you can reclaim your sleep