Best Knee Braces For Meniscus Tears

Updated on 2016-10-30 – A torn meniscus is a very common knee injury. Thankfully though, it isn’t one of the most serious knee injuries that can occur. Any activity that causes you to pivot, twist, or rotate your knee can result in a torn meniscus. Each of your knees has two menisci – C shaped pieces of cartilage that act like a cushion between your thigh bone and your shin bone. What is the best knee brace for meniscus tear? Keep reading.
When one of these pieces of cartilage gets torn – partially or completely – you will most often experience some moderate pain, stiffness, and swelling. You may also have some difficulty straightening your leg. Conservative treatment, such as resting, icing, and bracing the knee, usually makes up the first steps of treating a meniscus tear. However, if the meniscus is completely torn surgery will most likely be required. If you aren’t sure whether you are suffering from a meniscus tear or not, the following video may be able to help you:


Best Knee Braces For Meniscus Tears?

Regardless, you’re going to need a brace to help alleviate pain and protect your knee while it heals. Here are three of the most highly recommended braces for any type of meniscus tear.
1. DonJoy Drytex Hinged Brace – The DonJoy Drytex Hinged Brace is one of the most highly recommended braces for a meniscus tear, especially if you’re trying to avoid surgery. This brace uses compression to help alleviate your knee pain, provide stability, and help minimize the clicking, popping, locking, and giving way often associated with a meniscus tear.

2. DonJoy Comfort – DonJoy knows what they’re doing when it comes to knee braces. If you’ve recently had surgery for a meniscus tear, or surgery is on your calendar, will assist with reducing swelling and put you on the track to a faster recovery. Kneeling after surgery can be difficult for up to months afterwards but the DonJoy Comfort knee brace (also known as “Donjoy Elastic” or “Donjoy Cartilage” knee brace) has a viscoelastic insert that cushions your knee so you can kneel easier.

3. DonJoy Playmaker II Knee Support Brace – The DonJoy Playmaker II Knee Support Brace is another highly recommended brace for recovering from full meniscus tears and surgery. This brace features hinges for great stability, flexible straps, and a comfortable all around design.

When you have suffered a tear of the meniscus your doctor will often give you a choice of braces (similar or identical to the list above) to choose from via a catalog in the office. If your doctor makes only a single suggestion don’t be afraid to ask why or ask about the possibility of using one of the braces above. You should always discuss it with your doctor before ordering a brace on your own to ensure that you’re getting a device that is going to provide you with the most healing benefits.
Updates made on 2016-10-30:  We decided to replace the Protec Hinged Knee Brace with the Donjoy Playmaker, because the Playmaker offers additional comfort and support over the Protec.
Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to provide medical advice. This article was posted for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. If you are suffering from a different type of knee injury, have a look at our “Best Knee Brace For…” section. Or if you are just looking for something to relieve your knee pain, consider what a cryo-cuff knee wrap can do for you.
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