Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support (P3) Review

Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support (P3) Brace Review – Buyers Guide

The Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support Brace is a well made brace that provides Medical Grade Compression and Stabilization. The Bauerfeind Genutrain knee brace is made from quality supportive material that helps to keep the pressure at the important areas. This provides you comfort and reassurance your knee is well taken care for.


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  • Extremely easy to set up! Just slide it on and adjust the silicone insert
  • The design prevents the kneecap from moving during sports or other physical activities
  • The silicone insert provides pain-relieving compression
  • Recommended by runners


  • Costs more than other soft knee braces
  • May stretch a bit after a few years of constant wear
  • Only available in one color.
  • High quality materials can be thick and become hot if worn in hot climates.


The Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support (P3 knee sleeve) is a Level II brace, which provides ADDITIONAL support, versus your plain old BASIC support. It is only available in one color, which is what you see above.

genutrain knee brace review

This brace has a lot of great features, but for now I’m going to cover my two favorite. The first is the material. This knee brace is made of a high-quality special knit material which is designed to mold to any body shape, making sure that it is snug (but not too much) in pretty much any situation. It is extremely breathable and gives you the warmth and compression you need to help manage some of the pain. The second is the added patella protection. The added silicone insert is great if you are having problems with your knee cap and want to make sure that it doesn’t move around too much. This is one of the major reasons why it is recommended by so many runners.

If you have minor knee pain because of a strain/sprain or inflammation, or you are just looking for some extra support during physical activities, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 knee brace is fantastic choice. What’s great about this brace is that it is a light-weight elastic knee support so it is very easy to carry around. Whether you are going to the gym or going to a physically demanding job, just shove it in any bag and off you go.

The only major downside to this sleeve is that after a few years, you may notice that it stretches a bit if you use it a lot. The P3 is also more expensive that most knee sleeves, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons before buying it. In my opinion though, you won’t go wrong.

Who should use the Bauerfeind Genu Train P3 Knee Brace?

The Bauerfeind Genutrain is an extremely versatile brace. Due to the technology used to structure the materials in targeted areas, the Bauerfeind Genutrain can be used to support a vareity of injuries and conditions.

As we mentioned earlier, it is particularly good at supporting runners in their training due to the additional silicone insert around the patella.

With its Level II brace status, it can be argued that it is targeted at sports people and atheletes. However, we believe it has many applications and even a non-sports person that has some pain in the knee can find it very useful.

Ease of Use

Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support

This supportive brace is extremely easy to use. It is designed to use the slip on method, so you do not have to worry about fiddling around with straps or velcro that can scratch and cause irritation on your skin.

The stretchy material allows the brace to conform to your leg and knee shape comfortably and hold the brace in a tight position around the knee.

What Others Are Saying About The Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Brace Review

“It is very-very good. I was able to ski 5 straight days after a torn MCL and “runner’s knee” . Thank you!”

“This brace definitely helps keep my patella in place during physical activity.”

“This brace is great for my son. He has knee cap dislocation issues and it has really helped him be able to play sports again!! I would highly recommend it. Caution when ordering that is stretches out and we ended up getting a smaller size after a while.”

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Timothy M.

The P3 is great! My knees were giving me some grief but I still wanted to run so I figured I’d give it a shot. Great investment. It definitely got me through longer runs. Now I just have to work on strengthening my muscles.


Fantastic! There is nothing like a long run to make you feel good. Glad it worked out for you. Txs for the feedback.

Final Verdict

If we were to place the Bauerfeind Genutrain knee brace on a top list of knee braces for sports injuries, it would be positioned comfortably towards the top.

It is an excellent Level II brace that is made from quality materials to provide comfort and support to your knee.

It is comfortable to wear while training, as well as around the house while you rest.

Even though it may be on the pricer end of the spectrum for knee braces, we believe you are getting what you paying for with the Baurfeind Genutrain Knee Support Brace.