Acupuncture for Knee Pain

acupuncture for knee pain

Pain is often the body’s natural way of indicating that something is wrong and in the case of knee pain, it is the body’s way of indicating that something is wrong with your knee, or possible both knees. Knee pain can appear in an instant or it came slowly progress, and can range from mild to severe. It all depends on the person and the underlying cause of the pain. Each person is the best judge of their pain levels. For some, it can be occasional and for others, it can be a constant annoyance. In our blog, we’ve covered a range of different possible causes of knee pain and their possible treatment, but one that we’ve been meaning to talk about for a while is the use of acupuncture for knee pain.

acupuncture for knee pain - meridian chart

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Acupuncture is an alternative medical treatment that makes use of needles placed strategically in different areas of the body in order to treat all sorts of aches and pains. This treatment dates back several thousand years and the theory of acupuncture describes twelve main channels (referred to as meridians) which run vertically along your body, both front and back. These channels have number points where your “Qi” (vital energy) can be accessed and where it can be brought back into balance. The body has over three hundred and sixty acupuncture points, each of which has their own action. The points are described in this theory based on their effects on the four main substances in the body: qi, blood, yin, and yang. The effects of these points are heating, cooling, moving, sedating, or nourishing. Practitioners of acupuncture believe that when the skin is punctured at certain points along these meridians, the body will respond by concentrating the vital energy around the points of the puncture. This will in turn balance the energy flow, relieving the patient of their pain.
Can it help with knee pain? It depends on the injury or underling cause (i.e.: it most likely won’t help with a torn ACL until it is completely healed), but yes, some studies have shown that acupuncture can be effective in relieving some forms of knee pain, particularly if the pain is related to arthritis or osteoarthritis.

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Acupuncture For Knee Pain – The Process and Demonstration

After you have been properly diagnosed by a doctor, one of the treatments he/she may suggest is acupuncture. As we mentioned above, the practitioner will select the points on your body that are in need of treatment, in order to bring your body back into its natural balance. Sometimes a practitioner will only select two points on your body and other times they may select a myriad of points. Once the needles have been inserted, they are left to sit there for the time required by the practitioner. During this time patients can meditate or sleep while the effects take place. The following video will give you an idea on how acupuncture for knee pain plays out:

Acupuncture for Arthritis Demonstration

This process is virtually pain free. It is an incredibly comfortable process and the practitioners are always gentle. Many patients are actually surprised at how comfortable and relaxing the sessions are. Laser acupuncture is a modern addition to this medicine. Some clients use low level lasers for patients who have concerns about needles or low pain tolerance. This is not suitable for every treatment, but is recommended for musculoskeletal injuries or pain management for chronic knee pain. Each practitioner will determine whether laser acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for each condition.
Acupuncture has helped many people deal with their knee pain, but like any other alternative therapy, some patients respond to it and others don’t so it’s impossible to say whether it will work for you unless you actually try it. If you tired of dealing with knee pain and aren’t sure what to do next, this might be an option. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor about it and get their opinion on whether acupuncture is for you.
Have you tried acupuncture for knee pain before? Or for another type of pain? If so, we’d love to get your feedback on whether it was successful or not, by using the comment box below. Until next time!
If you are interested in other methods of managing your knee pain, consider what a magnetic knee brace can do for you.


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2 thoughts on “Acupuncture for Knee Pain

  1. I tried acupuncture for my knee pain last year, but I didn’t find that it made a big difference. It reduced the pain a bit, but I was hoping for more…

    1. Hi Trevor – That’s too bad. Unfortunately, not everyone responds to acupuncture. It’s one of those things where you have to try it to see if it makes a difference. Hope you were able to manage your knee pain another way.

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