Top 5 Reasons Why Your Knee Makes a Popping Sound

Our bodies make weird noises all the time. It’s something that we all know and perhaps not something we like to talk about, but it happens. One of those potentially strange noises that we all hear from time to time — or perhaps more frequently — is a popping sound in your knee. Perhaps it’s […]

Knee Pain Home Remedies
Knee Pain Home Remedies

Top 5 Knee Pain Home Remedies

A lot people experience knee pain in their lifetime and it can be for a variety of reasons, such as old age, arthritis, and knee injuries. For some people, the pain is mild, and for others, it can be moderate to severe. Often times, mild to moderate knee pain can be treated successfully with some […]

Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Brace Review
Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Brace Review

DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Brace Review

As you can tell from our previous reviews, we are huge fans of Donjoy knee braces. Why? Donjoy, also known as DJO Global, designs amazing products and the Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite is no exception. They are one of the biggest contenders in the market of orthopedic devices and products that are used for pain management […]

How To Diagnose and Treat a Medial Meniscus Tear

The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of cartilage that works to cushion, stabilize and lubricate the joint space. As we get older, these pieces of cartilage degenerate and often develop tears. When the meniscus tears, the damaged part will move into an abnormal position inside the joint and this can impede the use of the […]

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