Do Knee Compression Sleeves Work

Knee Compression Sleeves - How they Work and Should You Use One? For many sports people, knee pain is a serious concern that will disrupt your training, and potentially end your career prematurely if left untreated.  While structural alterations to your knee (such as torn ligaments) should be addressed by a doctor, many knee issues […]
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Patellar Tendonitis Running

Patellar Tendonitis and Running - Why it Happens and How to Treat It If you have ever experienced pain in the knee while running (or shortly after) you may be experiencing patellar tendonitis.   Don't worry, you're not alone.  It is a common ailment associated with running and experienced by many around the world.  It is […]
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Running with Runner's Knee

It's your worst fear - you begin to feel pain around your knee when you run. Now the thoughts start racing through your mind - have I injured myself? Do I have runner's knee? But, I just started to get momentum for getting fit! Does this mean the end of my running days? The good news is, in this article we are here to tell you how to diagnose your knee pain and more importantly how to maintain your fitness with running.
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Best Hinged Knee Brace

Finding the right hinged brace can be a pain in the patella; pardon my French. With most of the products on the market, you simply don't get what you're promised. And I don't say that highly, trust me. I've been dealing with knee issues since I was 12 years old, going from doctor to doctor, from brace to brace. It's unhinged (pun intended)! That's what made me start this site in the first place. The available information on knee braces is lacking at best and downright wrong at worst.
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